How did Richard Reinsdorf get his start as a professional photographer?

Richard Reinsdorf

Photography is regarded as a professional career that goes far beyond taking pictures. Therefore, to gain expertise, improve photography skills, and become the greatest photographer, it’s essential to keep the necessary techniques on figure tips. If you intend to build extensive experience and expertise in photoshop, studio lighting, or pricing your work, ensure you invest enough time in learning and familiarizing yourself with photography fundamentals. 

Considering photography careers, Richard Reinsdorf is one of the well-known and experienced professionals who have showcased his excellence in the field. 

But what makes Richard a professional photographer?

 Richard’s love for photography began at age eleven. by then, he attempted to capture a picture-perfect shot of New York’s Atlas building with his Kodak Instamatic camera. Since then, he has extensively focused on creating a reputable portfolio with budding talent from LA Models, Elite, and Ford. He diversified his skills, earning him an excellent reputation for well-known clients like Lucy Liu, Selena Gomez, Jamie Foxx, Ariana Grande, Betty White, Steve Aoki, Gal Gadot, and Sarah Jessica Parker. 

With his gained experience and competency, he secured a couple of partnership deals with renowned brands like Sony, coca-cola, Heineken, and Levi Strauss for advertising deals. On the other side, auditorial for Elle, playboy, SOMA, and cosmopolitan. 

While extensively focusing on developing his career, he got several exposures and open interviews regarding his techniques in PC photos and digital pro magazines. He utilizes a unifying theme on his photo spreads, connecting pictures for a series of patterns, colors, or a storyline. With a close overview of his shoots collection, they display the magnitude of the diverse location worldwide. It includes shooting in his native home of sunny southern California, Brazil favelas, and beaches in the Bahamas. His hands-on experience in the field has a unique way of turning all aspects of the photoshoot to bring about the best in his professional area with consistency. 


Currently, professional photography is a booming career option among young people. According to Richard Reinsdorf, mastering the essential photography tips will help you capture and compose more aesthetic shots and depth them. As much as you can earn many credits as a professional photographer based on your skills, talent, portfolio, or business understanding, it’s also essential to be passionate about photography to drive you to become a great photographer like Richard Reinsdorf. You only need to keep your passion alive and constantly strive to do great work that will make you outstanding.