How Decorate Your Home – According to Isabella Loretta Janke

Isabella Loretta Janke

Many of you find refuge in your homes. It serves as a retreat after a long day and is typically considerably more intimate and private than a living or dining room, where guests are welcomed. As a result, when decorating a home, expert interior designers and architects choose ideas that emphasize personal functionality and comfort over highly stimulating or socially focused ones. These expert-inspired ideas by Isabella Loretta Janke can assist you in creating the ideal house, whether starting from scratch or trying to enhance or redesign an existing area.

Opt for Subtle Colors

When properly decorating any area, you need to consider color. No matter how neutral or colorful you intend for your space, choosing your color scheme before you consider any furniture, decorations, or soft furnishings is crucial. Most seasoned interior designers and planners prefer to use modest foundation palettes for homes, which they can add color to as they build up. More subdued color schemes tend to create spaces that are inherently soothing. However, there are no hard and fast laws about this (and homes should always put the personality of the person living in them as a priority).

Balance Your Furniture

Visual weight is a term that professional home planners and interior designers frequently use when referring to furniture, says Isabella Loretta Janke. When they say this, they refer to the width and depth of each piece of furniture in the room.

For example, a bed headboard constructed of thin bamboo will have less “visual weight” than a solid material, such as a panel headboard.

Add a Range of Textures

Layering and properly paired textures can also aid in our relaxation. According to studies, having a variety of textures present in the same area can make us feel more at home. Hard floors are currently very fashionable in bedrooms, but having too much of the same flooring can feel a little clinical. Small statement rugs can break up the texture, and light throws and blankets can be incorporated into designs to enhance this further.

Level Up

Organizing your home like an interior designer might assist in being aware of including varied levels in your space. Studies show that the human eye is made to find different levels appealing. It might be as easy as adding a set of four vases in varying sizes or designing a bookcase with stacks of books at various heights.


An expert interior designer knows how to make the most of every square inch of your home. The best services might be suggested to you by an interior designer. They may offer you a qualified perspective, help you define goals, and prevent wasteful spending based on your budget.