How Can You Get A Seniors Dental Discount In Canada?

seniors dental discount

Did you know oral health, regardless of age, plays a significant role in your overall well-being? From chatting with friends and showing your healthy smile to eating a nutritious meal, keeping up with dental care helps boost your quality of life. Unfortunately, a significant concern for older adults is how to access affordable dental care during retirement (especially if they’ve lost coverage through their past employer). Learn how to find a seniors dental discount, ways to get free or reasonable rate service, and what questions to ask when choosing a provider.

Ask About Seniors Discounts or Cash Pay Incentives

Being a senior has its perks! Many dental offices extend complimentary seniors dental discounts or a price reduction if you pay with cash. You most likely can’t combine the two options, so opt for the deal that best suits your budget. Some dental offices don’t actively promote these discounts, so don’t be shy about asking what perks your dentist offers. This is especially important if you decide that going without dental insurance and paying out-of-pocket is the most economical option.

Ask Your Dentist About an In-House Membership Plan

Does your dentist offer an in-house membership? Many dental offices now provide this service to their new and existing patients. Membership plans help patients without dental coverage purchase care in advance at a discounted price. The benefits mirror the coverage you receive from a third-party insurer but eliminate the need for a middleman.

Purchase an Independent Dental Insurance Plan

Retirees have the option of purchasing an independent private dental insurance policy. These plans are similar to the traditional plans offered by employers and have “tiers” of coverage. Remember, a higher range of restorative dental care policies may come with expensive premiums or deductibles. A lower-tier plan may not cover much more than essential checkups.

Senior Independent Dental Plans: Important Questions to Ask

Choosing a dental plan requires some detective work. As you research and compare independent dental plans, ask the potential carriers these five key questions:

  1. Is your dental insurance available in my state?
  2. Do I have to choose a primary dentist?
  3. Is there a waiting period for higher-care coverage like dentures or implants?
  4. Are pre-existing conditions such as broken teeth or bridge issues covered?
  5. Is your coverage offered both internationally and domestically?

Keep Your Regular Dental Checkup

Seeing your dentist twice a year for exams and cleanings plays a significant part in keeping your dental costs to a minimum. Following this six-month rule is essential even if you’re paying out-of-pocket. Preventative dentistry, including routine checkups and cleanings, is your first line of defense against these common oral health concerns. Regular dental checkups will ensure that potential problems (including gum disease, root cavities, or aging dental work) can be intercepted before it causes painful, expensive consequences.

Don’t Put off Getting Dental Treatment or Repair

Your dentist is part of your healthcare team. Avoiding dental treatments can significantly impact your mouth and your wallet. The longer you wait to get help, the odds of your dental problems intensifying. What started as a minor toothache may become much more significant. Remember, the earlier your dental concerns are managed, the more affordable your overall care will be.

As you reach your golden years, your dental needs and concerns change. Talking with your dentist about your personal dental goals helps ensure you receive affordable therapeutic care. Learn how to find a seniors dental discount, ways to get free or reasonable rate service, and what questions to ask when choosing a provider.