How can you apply for ESTA?

Apply for ESTA
Apply for ESTA

An ESTA USA is a mandatory travel authorization to travel to the United States without a visa. You have to apply for ESTA application that can be submitted quickly and easily with the online ESTA USA application form.

What is an “ESTA”?

ESTA is an abbreviation: “Electronic System for Travel Authorization”. An ESTA is not a physical document but an electronic travel authorisation for the United States. The requirement to file for this authorisation is a safety measure implemented by US Customs and Border Protection. This way, all incoming travellers can be preemptively screened and unwanted visitors barred. Transport companies, including airlines and shipping companies, check before departure whether each traveller possesses a valid ESTA visa. This is done by looking up the traveller’s passport number in the database with approved travel authorisations by US Customs and Border Protection. Travellers without this travel authorisation are denied entry.

Explaining the ESTA application

An ESTA USA is always required for a holiday, business trip or transfer/transit in the United States of America. Travellers that do not possess a valid ESTA visa are denied entry when checking in on their flight, ferry service or cruise to the United States. Underage children are also expected to possess their own ESTA. Only travellers who enter the USA by land or have a US visa or passport are exempt from this requirement. You can only apply for ESTA online in total, meaning there is no need to visit the US embassy. As a result, purchasing an ESTA online is easier and faster than applying for a US visa, and the US ESTA application costs are substantially lower.

How does an ESTA application work?

ESTA form

Submitting an ESTA application is easy, fast and convenient with the online ESTA form. Filling out the form can be done in 5 minutes.

Online payment

The ESTA cost can be safely paid online through Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.

Official granting

As soon as the official ESTA USA has been granted, this will be confirmed by e-mail and text message. In urgent cases, this can happen within an hour.

How long does an ESTA last?

An ESTA is valid for two years from the moment it is granted. During this validity period, travellers can make an unlimited number of trips to the USA. These can be for both tourism and business. Each stay in the USA can last a maximum of 90 consecutive days. Visits to Canada, Mexico or a Caribbean island are included in this overall period. For a more extended stay, a US visa is required. When the passport with which the visa or ESTA was applied for expires, the accompanying ESTA’s validity also expires.

If you apply for an ESTA visa it is sufficient for tourist and business trips, transit and visiting friends or family in the USA for citizens. Travellers with this travel authorisation cannot enter into employment with an American organization. They are, however, allowed to perform paid labour if their employer is located outside the USA. An ESTA visa is not sufficient for performing journalistic activities, investing in American companies or studying in the United States of America.