House And Land For Sale Perth


In need of a new construction expert for your house? Residential Building WA’s product lines cater to various lifestyles and ages. Flat or double-decker? Where do you want to put your car, the narrow lot or the back? If you are a first-time buyer of house and land for sale perth, turnkey, or investor, which kind of house will guarantee to find you the ideal new place, no matter your current condition.

Additionally, you can rest sure that you are in capable hands with the knowledge that you are a member of one of Western Australia’s leading family-owned house builders. Visit our previous and current show houses at your leisure to get a sense of our floor plans and ideas of the amenities you may incorporate in your brand-new dream home, built by Residential Building WA.

Nearly Twenty Years Of Experience Constructing Superior Western Australian Homes

Starting as a modest, committed family company, Residential Building WA is now a statewide institution.

Over time, the company has grown alongside Western Australia, amassing an impressive portfolio of single-story, double-story, and multi-development new home designs and earning a solid reputation for expertise and originality in the region’s construction industry.

Now more than ever, the Residential Building WA family offers a new home selection to satisfy the needs of every buyer, whether they be a first-time buyer, a builder of a home for a forever family, a downsizer with flair, a property investor, or a wholesale partner. In addition to providing the best solution every time, our extensive knowledge and purchasing capacity guarantee the lowest possible prices.

Strong Foundations

The JWH Group, of which Residential Building WA is a proud part, is a Western Australian family business that has been around for generations. It employs hundreds of people directly and another thousand or so via its network of subcontractors. Regarding the size of projects undertaken, The Group is among the top ten in Australia. Our valued customers can rest assured that they are partnering with a reputable, long-standing, stable, and successful West Australian family business, as evidenced by the Group’s size and strength, which benefits them through our efficiencies, buying power, and economies of scale.

Core Values

As long as our employees consistently apply these values, RBWA will provide the finest possible service to our clients. So every day, in the office and on the job sites, we put into practice a set of principles designed to keep our employees on the path to success and professional fulfillment.

Methodology We Follow

With nearly 20 years in the industry, Residential Building WA, a division of one of WA’s most prominent home construction groups, has a firm grasp on the ins and outs of the WA housing market. Further, we will be here to help you every step of the way.

We are known for our groundbreaking single- and two-story home designs, and we will help you through the entire process while keeping it as easy as possible. You can rely on the general and technical aspects of your new home build to be handled by our knowledgeable staff, who have years of experience with demolishing and rebuilding projects in Perth.