Hillandale Farms On Sustainability Of Egg Production

Hillandale Farms

Eggs are the most common element on breakfast tables. The same goes for chicken meat. People don’t think twice about these two when they add these to their meal menu almost daily. Yet the humble eggs or the everyday chicken meats are the results of the hard work and effort of the production farms. Egg and chicken production needs the engagement of both farm and office operations. To produce eggs and chicken meat of the highest quality, farms go through a lot of calculative steps. 

Hillandale Farms On Egg & Chicken Production

Hillandale Farms has gained fame as the most reliable egg and chicken meat producer. Hillandale has begun its journey as an egg reseller. However, with time the farm has grown to a significant size. People have started to know about the eggs and chicken meats that Hillandale produces. 

It was in the year of 1958 when Orland Bethel founded Hillandale out of passion. His objective had been to resale eggs only. However, with time the farm saw immense growth and Orland decided to expand his business. Soon, Hillandale spread across West Virginia and Pittsburgh. Within a few years, the business has grown and expanded to the Florida market. It was then Orland decided to start chicken production as well.  

The real growth of Hillandale came when Gary, Orland’s son, joined the business. Gary had worked hard to take the business to the next level. He performed all the work with efficiency. Gary had successfully driven trucks, indulged in office work, and helped in other tasks as well. 

Recent Recruitments

Recently Kevin Jackson joined Hillandale as the Chief Executive Officer. Kevin has years of experience and a long career in leadership. He served Treehouse Foods before joining Hillandale. Kevin is confident that he will be able to carry forward the legacy of the farm. Strong ethics have always been a major point of the egg and chicken giants. They have never diverted their attention from their objective. 

Producing high-quality eggs and chicken meat has been a key priority of Hillandale. It has stayed true to its objective and made sure that everything ran according to the initial vision. This family business has a strong commitment to its customers and vendors. Strong work ethics have earned Hillandale its reputation for being reliable. 

Growth Mindset

Kevin Jackson, the CEO, says that the secret behind Hillandale’s growth is its mindset. This family business had a growth mentality since its inception. This mindset has eventually worked its wonder and made Hillandale a major egg and chicken meat-producing business. 

Its Vice President Ed Hoffman says that the firm is deeply connected to its land. Sustainability is the key value of Hillandale. Even though they use the latest technology to increase their production, they make sure that the environment does not suffer due to their work. 

Hillandale Farms values its ethics and has incorporated a unique cleaning system to prevent environmental damage. In fact, Hillandale is one of the first farms to introduce a belt system to clean a significant part of each one of their houses. They have also incorporated a recycling system that produces their fertilizers.