Hayden Holland AZ: How E-commerce is the Future of the Business.

Hayden Holland AZ

About Hayden Holland AZ

Hayden Holland AZ co-founded Abacus Bridge Fund to finance businesses on a short-term basis. After completing his studies in 1992, he obtained a Certified Financial Planner Degree and then later got certification in Kolbe management. He was on the AZ Chapter of YEO board from 1994 – to 2000. He also worked as a real estate developer in Arizona, Washington, and Oregon from 2002- to 2008. He’s a professional career consultant determined to help his clients build businesses in essential areas of business growth. He has consulted numerous companies that raised capital through private placement transitioning via CNDX. 

Concerning his consultation, e-commerce forms a platform for businesses to enhance their revenue through an online customer base. It allows companies to operate 24hours servicing customers without any restrictions and limiting factors. It provides great deals of comfort to clients without bearing the hassles of heavy traffic. According to Hayden, e-commerce is the future of benefits, and let’s find out why. 

Increase in e-commerce purchases 

Since marketers have emphasized the importance of e-commerce and proved to be correct, there’s been a massive acceleration in online sales since the pandemic strike. However, retailers with a solid e-commerce platform had their sales replaced by online purchases, and their sales increased while in-store buying declined. This scenario helped sales massively make business owners realize that their survival isn’t possible without e-commerce.

Economic Stability

From the pandemic effect, most businesses shut down till further notice. However, other firms with an online presence provided services to their customers in uncertain times. It shows the significance of e-commerce as businesses could attain economic stability. With guidelines and protocols to contain the spread, most companies rely on e-commerce to sustain their revenue. 

Above all, Hayden has been working with Marie Ralston to grow e-Image Int’l, GearUp Outdoors, and Quest Firearms with Cigar Doors/BluStix since 2015. It allows people to access financial services and consulting, banking/trust services, corporate finance, and consultancy to small businesses. After several life-changing events, he is actively working on a book and website referred to as Tears of Wisdom. 

Conclusion According to Hayden Holland, AZ, Ecommerce is the need of this digital era for entrepreneurs. It’s essential to build a solid e-commerce platform to withstand a competitive environment and reach your target audience effectively. Concerning the future of your business, it will help to shift your business to e-commerce to climb the ladder of success. E-commerce is the way to go.