Hayden Holland AZ – Businessman, Fundraiser, Consultant

Hayden Holland AZ
Hayden Holland AZ

Hayden Holland AZ is a business owner who works on books and websites/podcasts. He has co-founded the Abacus Bridge Fund to finance businesses on a short-term basis. The podcast he worked on is based on real inspirational stories of individuals who have faced extreme difficulties in their life to achieve success.

Earlier Life of Hayden Holland AZ – 

In 1992, Hayden Holland obtained a Certified Financial Planner Degree (CFP), and later, he got certification in Kolbe management. From 1994 to 2000, Hayden Holland was on the board of the AZ Chapter of YEO. Then from 2002 to 2008, Hayden worked as a real estate developer in Washington, Arizona, and Oregon. 

He has consulted numerous businesses that have further raised capital through private placement transitioning via CNDX. It has raised over $50mill in capital for real estate developments and oil drilling projects, including one involving Pennzoil in PA. Since 2015, Hayden Holland has been working with Marie Ralston to grow e-Image Int’l, GearUp Outdoors, and Quest Firearms with Cigar Doors/BluStix. At present, individuals can gain access with Hayden Holland to the following services, including the following. Individuals can consult Hayden Holland for more services regarding the following.

● Financial services and consulting, 

● Banking/trust services, 

● Corporate finance, 

● Consultancy to small businesses.

Hayden Holland AZ’s Podcast – 

Along with the business, Hayden Holland AZ is also working on books, podcasts, and websites. The podcasts are based on real-life stories of successful individuals. For example, one of the podcasts, “Tears of Wisdom,” is about overcoming profound or harrowing experiences. The program will surely change the individual’s perspective in dealing with more everyday obstacles in their life, especially when pursuing a significant purpose.

Triumph and success always come with the right attitude and invincible heart, and that often comes from going through the fires of life. The common thing in most individuals’ life is the ability to accomplish and overcome anything they want and, of course, with the right attitude, determination, and hope.

Tears of Wisdom will be composed of real stories that will move the audience. These stories will be told by those who have lived them and are willing to share their experiences. Every episode of the podcast will feature a different real-life story with a victory that will take the audience from the depths of despair and brokenness to the path of success.

So after listening to the stories of the common folk or celebrities of different cultures and nationalities, individuals will learn about the hardship, experiences, and strengths that pulled them towards success. They will feel motivated and will be more accomplished in pursuing their objectives.