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Graham Gibbs, the American sociologist introduced the Gibbs reflective cycle to promote the concept of gaining knowledge from experiences in nursing. The Gibbs cycle is an integral part of the nursing curriculum and is frequently associated with reflection assignments. Nursing is quite challenging because one has to deal simultaneously with different kinds of patients suffering from various ailments. Therefore, learning through experience is an important aspect of nursing. Gibbs’s reflection nursing assignments aim to test the practical abilities of a nurse. A nurse has to lead and take control of the work in different situations. Gibbs cycle can help these nurses with a systematic approach to handling new experiences in the field. Hence, Gibbs’s reflection on nursing assignments is crucial to the nursing curriculum as they encourage evidence-based care. 

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Gibbs Reflective Cycle: Know More About It At The Nursing Assignment Help.

Gibbs’s reflective cycle has 6 components that help aspiring nurses gain clinical skills systematically. These components are:

  • Description: state the facts regarding the situation – describe the exact situation
  • Thoughts: your thinking regarding the present situation
  • Evaluation: whether the experience is good or bad
  • Analysis: analyzing the things that worked and the ones that didn’t work
  • Conclusion: summarising the overall condition and highlighting it with your learning outcome
  • Action: plans for similar situations

These six steps in a Gibbs reflective cycle form the basis of evidence-based care in nursing. This cycle is highly significant in the present times when clinical nursing practices are shifting to evidence-based care. Innovation and research are helping the nursing field to evolve rapidly. Hence, reflection assignments hold a good weightage in the overall assessment process. 

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