Generic LED Neon Signs for Home Decor

LED Neon Signs

We delightfully provide excellent led neon signs, as well as exceptional customer service from idea to delivery. Any plan or concept you have may benefit from our assistance. We are here to assist you with any aspect of your home decor needs, whether a bedroom, living room, event, wedding, workplace, shop, or gift.

We’re a studio in Australia devoted to the art of neon and LED signaling. Our designs are versatile enough to be used at any event or location, whether a private party, a public celebration, a restaurant, a café, a wedding, a corporate office, or a retail store.

To provide the highest possible level of individual service to our clientele, we pair each of them with a dedicated designer who works with them individually. You tell us what you want regarding color scheme, typeface, size, and general layout, and we will make it happen!

Safe And Efficient In Energy Use With Minimal Installation Effort

Our LED Neon displays are built on sturdy, transparent acrylic easels, stands, or cases. Holes at the rear allow you to hang it on a wall with little effort. Light and easy to use, our signage is the best!

LED neon flex light tubes, used to create our signs, are shatterproof and non-toxic. It would help if you didn’t worry about touching or burning yourself on the LED lights since they don’t generate any heat.

You may feel good about purchasing one of our illuminated signs since it is affordable and environmentally responsible. They are an excellent investment with a lifetime of 40,000 hours or more and a low energy consumption rate. Free mockups of your unique neon sign design are included with every transaction. As usual, we’re here to answer any questions and suggest how to proceed.

Our fast and thorough responses to consumer inquiries are a source of great pride. We prioritize speedy responses to have your neon sign up as soon as possible. We take the time to customize each order because we value the connections we make with our clients and partners.

Public Service Neon Signs

Invest in unique neon signs for room to draw attention to your company. Transform your company’s logo into a glowing neon sign, make a neon light sign for an upcoming corporate event, decorate your workplace with eye-catching LED neon, or grab attention at a tradeshow with a neon custom sign.

Marketing your company with custom LED neon signage is a fantastic idea. They serve as picture props for your clients, conversation starters on social media, and a unique way to advertise your business. Get a personalized LED neon sign to brighten up your party! Celebrations of every kind, from birthdays to anniversaries to weddings to baby showers, may all benefit from our neon signs. They’re a fun way to decorate the bar, illuminate the dance floor, and set the mood for your big event, not to mention terrific picture opportunities for your visitors.

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Additionally, we provide a trade discount to those who work in the event planning and decorating industries. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with your neon sign projects. Make a statement with a personalized LED neon initial or name sign for your room. They brighten up your room with vibrant colors and provide a carefree attitude. The brightness of the signs may be adjusted remotely using a dimmer switch.