Galapagos Islands Tour


While other places are relatively simple to navigate, Galapagos is a little more challenging, and booking your Galapagos islands tour with us is actually beneficial for you. With additional park entrance charges, traveling to remote islands, and numerous other hurdles, it cannot be easy to find what you’re searching for, but we’re here to assist you! Please continue reading to discover all the benefits of making your Galapagos travel plans with us.

Your Complete Galapagos Tour Itinerary

When you plan everything on your own, you typically have to start by finding things to do that you genuinely find fascinating, hotels where you’re going to stay that seem close to the action, and flights that exactly meet your plans. Occasionally you might miss some hidden essentials!

Since most of the Galapagos Islands’ attractions are only accessible with the help of a park naturalist guide & personal transport, it’s to your advantage to book with us, where everything is covered, and they can arrange every aspect of your trip (even those you are completely unaware of).

When you reserve an all-inclusive Galapagos tour, everything is taken care of, from the big excursions to the smallest details, including transportation to accommodation. Apart from choosing your favorite outfits to wear while traveling, you need nothing to stress or worry about.


●   Hike to the Sierra Negra volcano, which is active!

●   View giant Galapagos tortoises kept in enclosures!

●   Surf and scuba dive on magnificent beaches!

●   Visit the Penal Colony of Muro de las Lágrimas!

●   Explore the distinctive flora and animals of the Galapagos Islands!

Expert Knowledge about the Destination

How accurate is the vast majority of the information available on the internet? There are a ton of travel blogs written by people who have only visited a location for a short while and may not be as familiar with its ins and outs as the locals who have lived there for years.

When you speak with one of our trip guides, you’re speaking with a local expert who has spent years touring across Galapagos and Ecuador and understands the place better than others. When you make a reservation with us, you can be sure that you’re receiving the most accurate and helpful information, and that’s valuable in and of itself.

What is Included?

●   40 hrs of Spanish class, including 10 hrs of practice while traveling with your teacher, in addition to 30 hours of formal instruction.

●   On a public bus with your teacher and locals, you may experience authentic transportation!

●   14 nights of lodging in specially chosen local hotels.

●   Excursions are included as specified on the itinerary.

There are many different considerations when deciding how to organize your journey and whether to use our assistance. For a Galapagos vacation, booking with us is unquestionably the best option, even though choosing to do everything on your own may be wonderful for some sites.

The world-heritage-listed Galapagos Islands are so surreal that you’d be excused for thinking they belong in another reality. With a Galapagos islands tour itinerary unmatched by any other, we’ll take you there from Ailola Galapagos. See Giant Tortoises, swim, surf, snorkel, learn Spanish, climb active volcanoes, and discover evolution’s wonders right now!