Everything You Need To Know About Hard Seltzer

Hard Seltzer

Have you ever heard of a hard seltzer? Hard Seltzer is just soda water that has been spiked with alcohol and flavored with some fruits. They are commonly made from gin, vodka, or tequila. Hard Seltzers are differing in alcohol content. Hard Seltzer is currently finding a permanent way into the market with more sales on bars following the health benefits it has on human health.

Therefore, with all brands of hard seltzer taking over today’s market and new brands being introduced from time to time, most people have volunteered to give exciting experiences from the same. With people demanding healthy drinks, you will find out everything you need to know about hard seltzer and its various brands.

  • Classic Mix of 12

Classic mixed flywa seltzer is a perfect refreshing drink for you with three flavors: cassis, lemon, and guava. Please do not take chances as you need to grab one as it is the right seltzer drink on-trend.

  • Truly Hard Seltzer

Since seltzer are usually flavored, truly seltzer features more than a dozen berry and citrus options, including classics like lime, blackberries, and a wide range of tropical flowers like pineapple and passion.

  • Classic Guava Pack of 12

Classic guava is a kind of flywa seltzer brand that you cannot fail to grab for yourself. It is a perfect drink for refreshing up in summer with a fine sweet taste, fruity, and pleasantly sweet. Its calorie content makes it a perfect drink for you after work.

  • Maha Organic Hard Seltzer Variety Pack

Maha organic is mainly produced for wellness-minded individuals. It also features certified organic ingredients usually blended with vitamins, fruits, and minerals like calcium and magnesium. It can still come in three flavors that are black cherry, tangerine, and raspberries.

  • Hard Orange 12 Pack

Try to take a moment and imagine the magic taste you would have when your blood orange meets grapefruit on your tongue. It is a modern alternative for you to try it out anytime you feel free since it’s made from natural fruit flavor and Australian water.

  • White Claw Hard Seltzer

White claw is a typical hard seltzer whose brewing process uses fermented sugar and yeast strains. the white claw will impress you as it includes eight flavors ranging from lemon, raspberry, flavorless pure version, black cherry, mango, melon, tangerine, grapefruit, and natural lime. You will love the taste you will get from this hard seltzer brand.

  • Wild Ice Tea 12 Pack

Are you having a stressful day? Relax and grab yourself a wild Ice tea 12 pack as this drink will play a major role in shaking your mind as it features peach and lime. It is a simple, light, delicious drink. Should you need a refreshing moment, sip a cube of wild ice and get a new attitude in your life.


Hard seltzer is generally believed to be of much health benefits with its current trend and various brands available to the market. Therefore, it will be of great benefit for you to try out one of the hard seltzer brands and get yourself refreshed up, considering all you need to know about hard seltzer.