Essential Tools for Your Gardening Toolkit | David Sechovicz

David Sechovicz
David Sechovicz

For a beginner who is taking up gardening as a hobby for the first time, it can be overwhelming to gather all the information regarding equipment, gardening gear, and tools. Therefore, we have curated a list of basic tools that are required by seasoned gardeners all year long. These tools include a vast variety ranging from gloves, trowels, pruning shears, and garden forks to the watering can.

For all kinds of plants in all sorts of seasons, you will require a pair of good quality and affordable gloves to protect your hand from thorns or splinters. You may want to check out the fabric gloves as they are the most recommended option. To ensure extra durability, you can look for gloves with palm pads so that even harsh gardening tasks cannot injure your palms. Be careful as these can easily get wet and the continuous moisture may not be good for palms. You can use these gloves during the summer season. One of the versatile gardening tools is a trowel. Make sure it is lightweight and easy to carry in your garden. It is a multi-purpose tool used to remove weeds from your garden or plant herbs and flowers. These tools are easily available in stainless steel and you can use them for years. A trowel with a pointed shovel is more useful than one with a square edge. Soil that contains clay can be easily cut and rearranged using trowels with pointed edges.

To keep your garden healthy and neat, you would need to purchase good-quality pruners that can help you all year long. You should look for sturdy and lightweight pruners in the market. You can easily find two types of pruners i.e. anvil and bypass. Bypass pruners work just like scissors and you will use them in your everyday gardening tasks. For maintaining and preparing your garden, you will need another important tool called a garden fork. To break up hard soil, dig up weeded areas, and aerate the soil by rearranging it, the garden fork works like a wonder. It is better than a spade in certain circumstances. Various options of garden forks are available in the market but the steel one is the most durable option and will last a long period. You can easily use them for digging purposes and breaking up tough soil areas. Finally, do not forget to buy a garden hose to reach hidden garden spaces and water them regularly. Along with a garden hose, also get an adjustable nozzle to control the water pressure. For delicate flowers and newly sprouted vegetables, slow pressure of water is necessary. An adjustable nozzle will help you to provide a shower of water with controlled pressure to give water to areas in places that can’t be reached easily. You can also purchase a watering can to water small pots and container plants with limited water pressure. These cans are also handy for indoor plants if you ever wish to start an indoor garden in your living space.

Author: David Sechovicz–  I am a horticulture and gardening hobbyist. My immense love and affection for the beauty of nature excites me.