Essential Tips on How To Apply


For eyelash extensions, you apply them directly to your natural eyelash using adhesive for eyelash extensions. These extensions come in little bundles of eight or nine individual lashes, and for each bundle, you glue them directly onto your natural lash. Applying eyelash extensions will take about three hours for a beginner and an hour for professionals, and once applied, the extension should last at least eight weeks. If you are considering applying for eyelash extensions, here are guidelines on how to apply them to give you a chic look.

Choosing your eyelash extension

  • Evaluate the condition of your natural lashes.

For eyelashes that are naturally short and thin, long or thick extensions won’t last long and may damage them. Therefore you must start by examining your natural lashes. The longer and healthier they are, the more weight they can withstand. If it’s your first time applying for lash extensions, start with a half set to see how your natural lashes hold up for better results. You can add more attachments if you want a fuller look. 

  • Choose your preferred type and design

Lash extensions are grouped into synthetic, silk and mink, varying lengths ranging from 6mm to 17mm. They also vary in thicknesses, curls and colours. Suppose you want to create a natural look; select medium-length extensions in brown and black. Otherwise, exploring different colour options and thicknesses will give you a unique look when buying them as part of your outfit.

  • Select extensions in several different lengths.

Choose individual lashes that vary slightly in length with your preferred basic length and thickness. Subtle variation will give you the most natural looking results. Three sizes in a similar length range are sufficient, and the shorter ones will be used to fill in any gaps in the lash line. It will also keep the overall appearance from looking unnatural and crowded.

  • Buy an eyelash extension kit.

An extension kit is beneficial as it includes different-sized lashes and all the tools you’ll need for the application: adhesive, adhesive remover, tweezers, and eyelash brush. It will also make your lash extensions application easier if it’s your first time. Ensure you read and follow the instructions included with the kit carefully. as they vary. Also, check out adhesive ingredients to ensure it doesn’t have formaldehyde listed as an ingredient.

  • Consider your extensions professionally applied for the first time

The lash line and the surrounding area are susceptible places which could make application risky. Adhesives can irritate your skin or damage your natural lashes if not applied properly. If you are uncomfortable applying it yourself, ensure it’s done professionally with a specialist. It will make you feel more at ease doing it at home.


As beauty also makes a good impression on women, applying eyelash extensions should be on your to-do list. Nothing can stop you from racing your beauty contest with all the supplied tools needed to do their best work. Always go for hand-tested and thoroughly researched products to ensure the best quality and performance, and it will assure you consistent quality, dependability and value.