Dr. Jum Funk Is the Best Naturopathic Medical Do

Dr Jum Funk

Dr. Jum Funk tries to support and favour patients seeking naturopathic medical doctor services. Our reputed naturopathic medical doctor is very passionate about treating patients using the core foundations of regenerative therapies including prolotherapy, perineural injections, ozone therapy, PRP, and stem cell therapy. Dr. Jum Funk’s hair restoration treatment also includes determining the source of your hair loss problems. She serves you and appreciates the faith you have placed in them. Her shared goal is to give you excellent, individualised patient service throughout your experience with healthcare!

How Dr. Funk Helps Their Patients:-

Dr. Funk knows how your hormones, biochemistry, and environment influence your body and level of pain. You begin to understand why you are in pain and why you haven’t had a breakthrough. And you start to discover the steps to take to break free from the pain cycle so you can keep crushing it in life!

Dr. Jum Funk Offers The Following Treatments:

➤Regenerative Injection Therapy

  1. Platelets-Rich Plasma

Dr. Funk provides PRP (Platelets-rich plasma) treatment that can help support wound healing in trauma, joint injury and the development of blood vessels and collagen. Dr. Funk has discovered in clinical practice that chronic conditions such as ligament instability in the shoulders and knees and tendonitis in the elbows and ankles typically require 3-4 treatments to completely resolve the pain.

       2.   Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy is a pain-relieving injection treatment. Prolotherapy is a specialised technique for healing ligaments, tendons, joints, and osteoarthritis patients. For chronic pain to be relieved, 3–4 treatments are typically required.

       3.   Perineural (Nerve) Injection

Perineural injections are a type of regenerative medicine treatment in which a substance is injected near the nerve to influence it. Dr. Funk will typically begin treatment plans with a few PIT exercises and trigger point injections to reduce nerve inflammation and relax chronically guarded/tight muscles.

       4.   Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is among the most efficient natural treatments for controlling inflammation, enhancing antibacterial activity, and raising the amount of oxygen in the tissues for faster recovery.

➤medical Aesthetic And Sexual Health

  1. Prp Facial Rejuvenation/Prp Facelift

Dr. Funk will first inject PRP into areas that require rejuvenation. She will then microneedle the face and apply PRP topically.

      2.   Microneedling (W/ Prp Or Hyaluronic Acid)

This treatment is provided to promote a controlled injury that would promote the production of collagen to rejuvenate skin.

     3.    Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical hormones can be beneficial for those people who experience symptoms of low or unbalanced hormones. 

wellness Medicine: Drainage & Detoxification

  1. Mould illness
  2. Mitochondrial dysfunction
  3. Complex chronic illness
  4. Gut & Brain detoxification
  5. Covid long haul 

Dr. Jum Funk wants to offer a comprehensive, exceptional, impactful, and memorable health care experience. Dr. Jum Funk has been involved in numerous sports and car accidents, so she understands how physical and emotional pain can affect many aspects of your life. Dr. Funk’s goal is to assist you in overcoming persistent pain, physical restrictions, and injuries so you can be more active, feel stronger and more energised, and adventure with ease. Dr. Jum Funk, our naturopathic medical doctor, offers cutting-edge regenerative medicine and therapies to address the underlying or root cause of the problem. With the assistance of a naturopathic medical doctor, you can live the life that you’ve always desired.