Dr Anosh Ahmed | A Giver at Heart


His interest in corporate expansion covers many promising new industries, from housing and telecoms to the rapidly expanding medical field. Dr Anosh Ahmed came to the United States from India at the age of seven when he arrived with his family. When he was 13, he had to go to work to help support his family, and it was there that he developed an interest in the business. The doctor-turned-entrepreneur is now using his wealth to benefit society.


In addition to his many other accomplishments, Dr Anosh Ahmed, M.D. is a generous philanthropist and renowned expert in internal medicine. Thrive Global and various national outlets have highlighted Dr Ahmed’s professional accomplishments in the medical field. As a physician, Dr Ahmed has achieved several significant advancements. The medical establishment acknowledges his many contributions to healthcare management, and his influential leadership has left a long-lasting mark on his hometown. Dr Ahmed is a leader who earned the respect of his team members and patients.

Dr Ahmed came from very modest means; thus, earning his medical degree was a major achievement. He got his medical training underway as a resident at Chicago’s Mt. Sinai Hospital. Adult patients were under Dr Ahmed’s care, and he was in charge of their diagnosis and treatment. Dr Anosh Ahmed treated his patients with kindness and individual attention.

Following his internship and residency, Dr Ahmed was the Chief Operating Officer at Loretto Hospital. He was responsible for the hospital’s clinical team of more than 150 doctors and 600 support employees. There, he oversaw and directed the implementation of transformation in a private hospital with 177 beds and an annual patient volume of over 33,000. Dr Ahmed transformed the institution into a premier medical research and education facility. Dr Ahmed used his business savvy as COO to dramatically boost Loretto Hospital’s bottom line. He doubled sales from $60 million to $100 million in a little over two years.

Dr Ahmed also established the non-profit Heart of Health Clinics in 2021, whose mission is to provide quality medical treatment to those who lack it, such as the uninsured and refugees. One of Dr Ahmed’s lifetime ambitions has been providing healthcare access for all people. Dr Ahmed believes that caring for others can improve the world one person at a time.

Aspects of Medical Education

Dr Ahmed is an accomplished physician who earned his M.D. from Windsor University’s prestigious medical programme. To top it all off, he graduated with honors and was on the Dean’s List. An extensive residency followed Dr Ahmed’s medical education in internal medicine at Chicago’s Mount Sinai Hospital.

Dr Ahmed also attended the highly regarded Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, where he earned a certificate in the Principles and Practices of Clinical Research.


Dr Ahmed is an innovative business leader making the world a better, more affluent place for everyone. Dr Ahmed takes great delight in creating innovative, prosperous enterprises that contribute to a better future. Dr Ahmed established several popular eateries and drinking establishments before he went into medicine. Management of multi-million dollar capital projects and contract negotiation are only two of his many areas of expertise.

Dr Ahmed attributes his business success to his dogged pursuit of perfection. Even when he was young, he was already interested in business.

Dr Ahmed, who started working at the young age of 13 to help support his family when his father became paralysed from the waist down, has profoundly affected his family, friends, and community through his many professional endeavours. Today, he sets out on a life-altering adventure to realise ideas that would improve the lives of people in his town and beyond. By investing in promising businesses with the potential to have a long-term effect in sectors like real estate, healthcare, and the hospitality industry, he hopes to provide new services, employment, and opportunities to the people in his neighborhood.