Dr. Anosh Ahmed Success Is Grounded In Adversity


His interest in entrepreneurship spans many developing industries, from property and telecommunications to the rapidly expanding medical field.

Dr. Anosh Ahmed came to the United States from India with his family when he was seven. As a 13-year-old, he went to work to help support his family, and it was there that he developed an interest in the business. Patients of all ages, nationalities, job statuses and socioeconomic backgrounds are welcome at The Heart of Health, where staff members work tirelessly to instil hope and give access to high-quality treatment.

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Anosh Ahmed, M.D., is a renowned internal medicine specialist, a forward-thinking businessman, and a generous benefactor. Thrive Global and other national outlets have highlighted Dr Ahmed’s professional accomplishments in medicine.

Dr Ahmed has produced several significant advancements in medicine. His leadership has left an enduring impression on his city, and the medical profession has acknowledged his many accomplishments in healthcare management. Besides his medical expertise, Dr Ahmed was a respected leader who earned the respect of his colleagues.

Dr Ahmed came from very modest means. Thus earning his medical degree was a major step forward in his life. Beginning his career in medicine as a resident at Chicago’s Mt. Sinai Hospital. Care for adult patients, including diagnosis and treatment, was within Dr Ahmed’s duties. Dr Ahmed provided excellent care with empathy and individual attention.

After finishing his residency, Dr Ahmed took the position of Chief Operating Officer at Loretto Hospital. He was responsible for the clinical team of more than 150 doctors and 600 support workers. There, he oversaw the transformation of a private hospital with 177 beds and an annual patient volume of over 33,000. Dr Ahmed was instrumental in leading the charge that turned the facility into a medical research and education powerhouse. Dr Ahmed used his business savvy as COO to boost Loretto Hospital’s bottom line. He doubled sales from $60 million to $100 million in a little over two years.


One of Dr Ahmed’s major aims has been to expand access to healthcare for all people. The world is improved one person at a time, Dr. Anosh Ahmed argues, because of medical professionals’ work to care for their patients.