Do You intend To Design a Web? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Oliver Wood PWD
Oliver Wood PWD

With globalization, websites have gained popularity in the e-commerce Industry. It’s a platform used by businesses in online stores scenarios, and it’s highly recommended for first-time users considering its user-friendly approach.  But despite these, there are also scenarios where store owners face a dilemma when it comes to whether or not they should hire a professional web developer, Oliver Wood PWD, for the initial set up of their sites, ensuring the site functions technically. 

Get To Know About Web Designing

Did you know designing a web has much to do beyond user inference? Therefore while designing a web, the front and back end are the two different pairs that need to be considered, especially for the modern web. Keep reading for fascinating facts about web designing. 

What’s The Different Between Front End and Back End Web Design

While thinking of front-end and back-end web design, you are talking of two completely different things. 

Front web design mainly focuses on making the site easy to use. On the other side, back-end web design focuses on the database, server-side code, and all other technical aspects of running an organization’s website. These two elements work together to make your website function properly. 

Frontend and Backend EndsWeb design: Creating an Excellent Use Friendly Experience 

Have you ever sat down trying to figure out the front and back end? If yes, and you haven’t found any solution, then Oliver Wood PWD should be the right person to get you through this. Meanwhile, let’s help you understand these two terms if you are yet to design your website. Typically, front-end web design intends to make a site easy to use with an excellent user-friendly approach. Back-end web design ensures database, server-side code, and other aspects used for the smooth running of the site are practical and efficient.

Front-end web design, also known as user interface, solely deals with an organization’s website’s looks, usability, and experience. It includes layout, colors, images navigation, menu, fonts, etc. these are what users see before coding. In other simple terms, it can be referred to as the face of your online website and organization as a whole. 

While still emphasizing front-end web design, front-end web designers work to ensure websites function on a technical level without your need to learn about back-end web design. 

The most prominent and professional website developers, Oliver Wood PWD, emphasize solving problems such as WordPress sites, layout flow, scalability issues, and more complex structures essential for content management systems. They work at both ends of the spectrum. 


After exploring everything about web design and apparent understanding differences between front-end and back-end web design, let’s hope its post will be helpful to you if you intend to design a site. With everything you expect from a professional and experienced web developer, Oliver Wood PWD ensures the performance and functionality of your site are in order. Other takes you should expect from him include doing quality checks, monitoring, and testing to provide a fantastic experience to your actual and potential customers.