Differentiating Hospitals From Private Practice For Healthcare Lead Generation

healthcare lead generation.

There are a few key ways to differentiate hospitals from private practices when it comes to healthcare lead generation. Firstly, hospitals tend to have a much larger catchment area than private practices. This means that they can generate leads from a wider range of sources, including primary care physicians, online directories, and even word-of-mouth referrals. Secondly, hospitals usually have a more established brand and reputation than private practices. This can be a major advantage when it comes to generating leads, as potential patients are more likely to trust and consider a hospital over a private practice. Finally, hospitals tend to have more resources and manpower than private practices. This allows them to devote more time and effort into generating leads, and ultimately results in a higher success rate.

In any B2B marketing strategy, it is always a good idea to distinguish your prospects and adjust your marketing messages according to each. Therefore, the campaign of the generation of health care leaders must be prepared to quickly identify the unique traits of medical prospects and how marketing should adjust their messages to them. And not only that, they must also convey the information to sales so they can get insight and offer solutions, products, or services that are appropriate.

One important difference that you can start is the basic difference between hospitals and personal practice. Of course, you might already be aware of such differences but fast reviews never hurt anyone. Who knows? You might realize that you miss certain details and now understand why some of your sales and marketing efforts are not in accordance with prospects.

  • Size – This is the first clear indicator. The hospital has more employees (nurses, doctors, and even janitor). They are generally far greater than private practitioners clinics. Budget and purchasing behavior naturally vary between the two. EMR vendors usually target large hospitals while private doctors tend to frown on the cost of implementing ESDM, maintenance, and demands for meaningful use.
  • Specialization – Different private practitioners have different specialties  You have a dentist, veterinarian, gynecologist etc. Each will require various types of medical tools and services. For hospitals, specialization is still a factor because they also come in various types of children’s hospitals to mental institutions. This can also imply certain specifications that may need to be known by sales.
  • Contact details – Because the hospital is bigger, they have a larger internal telephone network. Those who consider Telemarketing B2B must be careful not to call the wrong number and navigate properly. Similar attention is determined for those who use a direct letter. Their address may be more published but get your message right to the target table that you mean can be the same complicated. On the other hand, be careful when you try to contact a personal practitioner. Their clinic can be very attached to their own home (or vice versa) and thus, will share the same contact details. Such contact information needs to be handled carefully. If possible, do not directly immediately and get their trust first.
  • Person-in-charge – jika is a personal practice, then your target is the doctor itself. The hospital on the other hand is a completely different case. The hierarchy is much bigger and more complicated. One of the challenges of navigating tissue comes from that. Before trying all forms of contact, you must at least get a name. Confirm that this name is the right person to be contacted. Look for other sources to re -check. This can also be done even for private doctors so sales will have a basic understanding of their background.

The targeted marketing is often recommended in B2B so that it must logically follow that the more details you know, the smoother your targeting. Distinguishing your health prospects, even if it’s only on the basic difference between hospitals and personal practices, it should have provided many useful insights for marketing and sales.


If you are looking to generate leads for your hospital, it is important that you understand the key differences between hospitals and private practices. By targeting potential patients who are already in the market for healthcare services, you can improve your chances of conversion and increase your ROI on marketing spend. Sionis Marketing can help you create a lead generation strategy that targets these consumers and converts them into loyal customers for your hospital. Contact them today to get started!