Different Types of Lawyers

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Law, an essential component of a functioning democracy, is the body that guarantees justice and keeps society from getting to the edge. Lawyers are the upholders and the mainstays of the judiciary. Although the law has been a popular career choice for decades, technology and other advancements have made it a more dynamic field. For those who want to be Los Angeles lawyers, Cyber Law is a popular field. An LLB degree is required to become a lawyer. However, you can also specialize in one field and pursue a career in that area. This blog will highlight the key characteristics of different types of lawyers.

Lawyer for Intellectual Property

The legal profession deals with intellectual property, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, patents, and trademarks. Modern times can bring down a company’s intellectual property if it is an idea or creation of the mind. Companies might have heard of competitors filing patents or lawsuits against them for copying or stealing their ideas or designs. Intellectual Property (IP) lawyers handle these cases. These legal professionals, among the many types of lawyers, are highly sought after due to the increase in start-ups as well as the growth of businesses. The American Bar Association predicts that the IP subset of law will experience tremendous growth. An IP lawyer needs to have extensive experience in this field.

Public Interest Lawyer

We often see cases in which people cannot afford an attorney and need legal assistance. A Public Interest Lawyer can take over the case in such cases. These lawyers offer individualized legal services to clients and are part of non-profit organizations and government agencies. Because they work with international or charitable organizations, they often charge very little or no fees to their clients. These lawyers are experts in criminal representation and offer legal advice to criminals who can’t afford it. They also do non-profit work and can take up class action lawsuits against large companies accused of negligence that could pose a risk to the community.

Tax Lawyer

Unlike other types of attorneys, tax lawyers are familiar with the intricate tax system and its impact on businesses. As a result, the Tax Attorneys can handle all tax-related issues, including estate transfers and intellectual property acquisitions. Although they are primarily consultants, some Tax Attorneys may be retained to represent clients in court if necessary. In addition, they work in law firms that offer legal services to clients. In some cases, they may be hired as full-time counsellors. These experts deal with cases involving tax obligations, such as in wealth management, acquisitions, and transfer of will.

Corporate Lawyers

Corporate lawyers are experts in Business Law, which is essential to protect the legality and integrity of commercial transactions. They advise companies and help them develop strategies that will allow them to grow within the law’s boundaries. Corporate Law specialists are highly sought after because of their expertise in contract, securities, tax, bankruptcy, tax, accounting, intellectual and property rights, licensing, zoning, and other areas. In addition, they help ensure that the interests of the opposing parties in a legal dispute are protected or that the right one is paid.