As long as the existence of humans on earth is there, the need for people who understand human sufferings and the impact of tough circumstances on the human body, made of bones, muscles, blood, and various other biological components, with the mixture of the elements named love, compassion, grace, and understanding, will always be in demand. Along with these basic commodities and covering various other aspects of life, the common definition of humans may be or may not be defined as the tendency to have a helping nature at the core of being and give a hand to make the world or community a little better by performing their share of hardships and offering helping hands. 

In the same line of serving the community by providing needy people the facilities and basic commodities to live a normal life and in the fields of medical science, technology, and business, Dr. Anosh Ahmed, MD, an excellent internal medicine physician, creative entrepreneur, and philanthropist, has made countless contributions to his society. Coming from a poor background, his most important accomplishment was becoming a licensed physician. He began his medical career as a resident physician at Chicago’s Mt. Sinai Hospital and was in charge of adult patients’ diagnosis, treatment, and care.

Dr. Ahmed went on to become the Chief Operating Officer of Loretto Hospital, where he led a clinical team of over 150 physicians and 600 professional employees. He managed and led the transformation of a 177-bed private hospital that treats over 33,000 patients each year. Dr. Ahmed was instrumental in transforming the hospital into a teaching medical institution noted for breakthrough research and community education.

A Brief Look Into His Education In The Medical Field.

Dr. Ahmed earned his medical degree (M.D.) with honors from Windsor University School of Medicine. He also made the Dean’s List and graduated with honors. He completed a long internal medicine residency at Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago after medical school. Dr. Ahmed has earned a certificate in Principles and Practices of Clinical Research from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Along with serving medical facilities and hospitals, he has a strong desire and vision to teach others about health and wellness, which are important yet underutilized in society.

The Heart Of Health Clinics: A Step Towards Making Healthcare and Other Basic Commodities Accessible To Everyone.

In 2021, Dr. Ahmed also established the Heart of Health Clinics, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing healthcare to the needy, especially the uninsured and refugees. The Heart of Health aspires to inspire hope and offer patients access to high-quality healthcare regardless of their work situation, age, nationality, or capacity to pay for medical treatment. Different beneficial programs and charities have been run in the heart of health clinics with the mission of providing equal opportunity and facilities to develop together and make an equitable and prosperous world. 

There are a lot more things to know about Dr. Anosh Ahmed, MD, and takes the positives from his valuable work in the arena of healthcare, business, and helping underprivileged communities. Make a move and join the heart of health clinics to do your part in the betterment of society. 

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