Deepak Kharbanda: Tips On Using Influencer Marketing For E-Commerce

Deepak Kharbanda

As per Deepak Kharbanda, businesses usually operate with the objective of profit maximization while staying competitive in the market. However, influencer marketing can be your best commanding weapon for a company to stay ahead of its prospective competitors. Technological advancements have made clients smarter than they used to be since most people do extensive research before making purchase decisions. It means if someone they trust endorses a specific product, they are more likely to buy it. That’s now where influencer marketing works the best. 

With the fastest growing e-commerce, directing people to online stores and product pages is an increasingly popular goal in influencer marketing. According to Deepak Kharbanda, it is essential you leverage influencer marketing for e-commerce in a way that will yield the best results. Here are the tips that would help.

  • Ask influencers to use Instagram Story links.

Sharing links on Instagram has always been difficult as only influencers with over 10K followers could add “Swipe up” links to the stories previously. But here’s the excellent news Instagram has released story links to everyone. It makes it easy to use story links in e-commerce campaigns; influencers can add a link to the store. For a specific product, they can add a link to the product page. It will make it easy for their followers to go to the store and make the purchase!

  • Constantly measure and optimize results.

For every campaign, it’s essential to measure the results. For e-commerce, you’d want to measure the store visits, purchases, new customers, and revenue. You can get this quickly done using two common ways: personal discount codes or trackable links. For a personal discount code, you will know the total amount and sum of purchases made using the specific code. At the same time, for trackable links, you’ll see the results on Google Analytics as you create personal links for each influencer.

  • Be strategic when planning your campaigns.

While working with influencers, highlight the campaign’s goal in the campaign brief. It will make them write in their post in ways that support the objective while adding specific calls to action to their followers. For instance, if the goal is to redirect followers to the store, an influencer can share the link in the stories and bios or refer to their caption links.

With digitalization, influencer marketing is a potent tool for eCommerce businesses. Besides implementing the above tips effectively, according to Deepak Kharbanda,  leveraging authorities who have earned significant clout, brands will also help to generate the social proof needed to gain an audience’s trust and acceptance.