Deepak Kharbanda – A Great Counselor | IT Specialist & Business Analyst

deepak kharbanda

Deepak Kharbanda is a motivated achiever, proven bottom-line contributor, and accomplished Technical Project Manager with a record of success in managing system integration projects and complex IT modernization. He is energetic, goal driven and has leadership qualities that have helped in achieving success in his field. Also, Deepak can act both as a counselor and coach. 

Deepak has been a part of the IT Industry for over 20 years and has also contributed to many successful projects. Out of his various strengths, the most important ones are having deep and detailed knowledge and industry experience. He has seen and faced first-hand challenges and opportunities over the past years. 

Here are the fields Deepak knows about –

● Budgeting

● Risk management

● Project Manager

● Project planning

● Mobile Technology

● Scrum Master

● Business Analysis

Deepak has more than 7 years of experience in systematically implementing technology and more than 10 years of experience in project management. Firstly, he started working as a software engineer and later developed further while acquiring experience and diverse skills. During his initial job as a Project Coordinator, Deepak was responsible for creating a feasible arrangement for different IT-related tasks.

After that, Deepak Kharbanda was able to work as a Project Coordinator. Here he was accountable for the management of different quality programming as well as the development of programming applications. Also, he is a specialist in administering different kinds of tasks. In addition, Deepak has served as development manager; it was more crucial for him to oversee the teams under his mastery of both direction and invaluable knowledge.

Deepak Kharbanda’s Skills 

● He is an expert in mobile technologies and software project methodologies, including iPhone, Android, or web and desktop applications.

● Deepak has already proven successful in guiding teams throughout the project life cycle, applying advanced communication, training, and mentoring skills.

● He has been a Project Manager with 10+ years of broad‐based project management expertise on different platforms on quantity level 2 projects.

● He continuously leverages analytics, leadership, and creative problem-solving strengths to identify new opportunities, thus expanding the customer base.

Deepak Kharbanda has already gained experience and knowledge about risk management, management of vendors and budgeting, Web Development, Offshore Teams, planning for projects, managing changes, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Waterfall Project Management, NetSuite, agile project management, and Customer-Focused Service. 

Deepak Kharbanda has great potential to guide his team throughout the project life cycle by applying advanced communication, providing training, and mentoring skills. His methods have improved with time. To improve both the impact and effectiveness, he also instructed the various groups on improvement in programming within different companies. Moreover, he is known as a scrum master due to his increased ability in the scrum field.