Dan Izhaky: Building a Profitable Business

Dan Izhaky walking in blue suite at UST factory

Dan Izhaky, the CEO of UST, is a seasoned leader and accomplished professional. he oversees the company’s policies and defines its strategic objectives. Therefore, he implements the framework needed to achieve those goals. In his professional area, he has over 30 years of experience in communication, finance, research, and analysis that brought him to the company. He’s highly determined on strategic direction, key partnerships, and positioning the company for future growth. Dan studied at Vassar and began his career as a trader on Wall Street. He served as Vice President for Morgan Stanley’s Institutional Equity Division. he then founded several companies, including Tribeca Tech Solutions. Dan founded UST in 2020, intending to increase the production of personal protective equipment. From his achievement, here are some of the practical tips business owners need to build a profitable business

Tips From Dan Izhaky


Passion is perhaps the essential virtue you should have. Sometimes you may feel you don’t have the strength to put yourself through the grill of running a business day in and day out. In such cases, your passion and question of why you dived into entrepreneurship will help you maintain the faculties of the mind and strength intact.


The organization is critical for a business’s success, making it easier for task completion and keeping track of what’s needed. Having a To-do list is an excellent way of getting organized—check each item to ensure you don’t forget anything and complete all tasks necessary for a successful operation.

Keep detailed records

It’s essential for business owners to keep detailed records that are honest and truthful. It makes it easier to see the financial business position and potential problems you might face. The records will also help you develop strategies to overcome any possible challenge.

Analyze your competition

While running a business, you’ll get the best results when there’s competition. Observe and analyze your competitors. You’ll learn something from them that you can use in your own business, hence the success of your business.


Most business owners discuss expanding their business when asked about future business plans. To make it effective, ensure you have a solid network base that will take your business to higher levels.


According to Dan Izhaky, building a profitable business takes a lot of planning and strategy. Therefore, these tips will help you to hit the ground running. as a takeaway, ensure you work hard for your business, as your efforts will eventually pay off.