Dan Izhaky: $350M Medical Manufacturing Plant To Open At Tradepoint Atlantic

Daniel Izhaky

Dan Izhaky, CEO of UST, speaks at Tradepoint Atlantic. The next tenant at Tradepoint Atlantic will be a medical manufacturing firm. The firm was launched during the pandemic outbreak aiming to decrease countries’ reliance on medical supplies from international manufacturing.

Dan Izhaky’s firm, UST, currently manufactures N95 masks, considered the gold standard to protect California residents against COVID-19. The Tradepoint Atlantics facility will take over that operation. It will also manufacture medical-grade nitrile exam gloves. ( stretchy blue gloves worn by doctors). And UST is expected to create over 2000 employment opportunities and other functions.

It’s the first company to move into the Tradepoint Atlantic, a  renovating Bethlehem Steel facility in Sparrows Point just outside Baltimore, MD. In their next phase, they focus on bringing critical production capabilities back to the US. to generate more than 350 million dollars of investment and create over 2000 opportunities. It took over the former Bethlehem Steel Cold Mill building, built-in 1999 as a cold roll mill steel production and product storage space, and went idle in 2012. It was then used for a couple of years for storage by third-party logistics providers. 

Tradepoint Atlantic has rapidly grown since it announced its first tenant in 2016, FebExand current occupants include Under Armor, McCormick, and Amazon, their most recent tenant BMW, which opened its vehicle distribution at Tradepoint Atlantic.

Speaking at Tradepoint Atlantic, Dan Izhaky told the attendees that the firm aims to return manufacturing, especially medical manufacturing to the United States. It assures that the global supply chain issues will not stop doctors and national hospitals from attending to and taking care of the sick. He also asked them to take a recap of the initial stages of the pandemic outbreak when most hospitals struggled to acquire personal protective equipment and masks needed to care for all patients. UST’s expert team leads the movement by bringing life savings and personal protective equipment back to the shores. It is to protect the safety and security of their communities in America.

Sparrows Point and Tradepoint Atlantic are becoming that economic engine, a powerhouse for Baltimore County, Maryland,  and the United States. Opening a facility at Sparrows Point allows UST to reduce the environmental impact of its manufacturing while drawing from the talent pool in Baltimore County and surrounding areas.


Daniel Izhaky, an accomplished leader and seasoned professional, Chief Executive Officer, defines UST’s strategic objectives, outlines its policies, and implements the framework necessary for goal attainment. He made the company renowned overseas with all of its business aspects with determination to set it in a strategic direction, develop essential partnerships and expose the organization to its future growth.