Considerable Causes of Cyber Security Breaches: Art Ocain


Digitalization has helped a lot of people across the world to do amazing things. People can showcase their creative talents or do their business all around the world. The Internet has given unlimited scope for people to reach and connect across the globe, Nowadays doing business online is very convenient and allows you to reach a wider audience. But with this increased convenience, There are some challenges for businesses have to face and protect themselves that can otherwise be catastrophic to their whole organization. One of them is cybercrime. Cybercrime is a crime that may harm someone’s security and financial health through a computer or a network.

To protect your data or business from online attacks, you should look for a company that provides online security services according to your business. MePush is a leading managed service provider that serves IT architecture, operations, and cyber security desires throughout all dimensions and helps its customers make themselves safe from such cybercrimes. At MePush, Art Ocain is the President & Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company. He has experience in leading IT operations, cyber security, hosted services, web design, application development, and technology consulting.

Ocain believes a simple threat of a cyber-attack can tend to the difference between life and death for your business. The immediate monetary impact of fraudulent order placement and financial institution transfers, a loss of customer confidence can cripple the operation of a business. To know what brought on a data breach is step one in stopping one. Keeping that in mind, Ocain explains the top reasons for data breaches.

Human Error:

One of the biggest reasons for a data breach isn’t some unknown or forgotten security bug but is a human error. Basic situations are: the use of vulnerable passwords, Sharing password/account information, Falling for phishing scams, etc. Many of these human errors may be prevented by ensuring employees know their fundamental data security measures.


Malware isn’t just a problem for PCs, it’s an ever-expanding threat aimed directly at your company’s systems.  While many of these “malware events” are minor, the sheer number of these events can be worrying.

Old and uneven Security Vulnerabilities:

For years, data security professionals have been compiling records of the exploitations that hackers have efficiently used on companies in most countries. These exploits are sorted into loads of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) to identify them for future reference. Leaving these old security vulnerabilities unfixed, permits hackers a free pass to your company’s sensitive records.

The Conclusion:

While there are many different data breach threats out there, according to Ocain, these are a few of the most common/severe ones. Art Ocain has been in the IT sector for over two decades and has been a tech, a supervisor in web hosting, internet service providers, IT enterprise, in addition to offerings for the SMB market. His company MEPUSH offers managed IT services and has an experienced team of over 20 experts who put their all effort and absolute dedication to take care of your business.