CNC Machine Shop in Arizona: Common Types of Precision CNC Machining

CNC Machine Shop Arizona
CNC Machine Shop Arizona

CNC machining is a general term used for a variety of machining applications. It refers to a programmable feature of the machine that allows the machine to perform various functions with minimal human control. Since CNC machining is the fabrication of a component that uses a CNC controlled machine, it describes a wide range of subtractive manufacturing processes— materials are removed from a stock workpiece, or bar, to produce a finished part. With CNC machine shop Arizona, various types of  CNC machines perform different CNC machining.

The process is used in various applications in different industrial areas, including hydraulics, firearms, industrial, oil and gas, medical, aerospace, industrial, etc. 

  • CNC Lathes and Turning Machines

CNC lathes and turning machines’ characteristics are the ability to rotate materials during machining. Its cutting tools are fed linearly along the rotating bar stock. It allows the removal of materials around the circumference until it achieves the desired diameter. A subset of CNC lathes is CNC Swiss lathes in which the bar of material rotates and slides axially through a guide bushing into the machine. 

  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

CNC plasma is used to cut material. However, their operation is based on a high-powered plasma torch controlled by a computer. Plasma torches achieve up to 50,000°F, which melts through the workpiece to create a cut in the material. While operating, the material being cut must be electrically conductive. They provide a wide range of production capabilities for finishing in the manufacturing environment and components. An optimum method for delivering the desired result depends on the lead time, volume, material needed, environment of use, and features required.

  • CNC Milling Machines

CNC milling machines can rotate cutting tools while holding the material workpiece stationary. They produce various shapes, including face-milled features and peripheral milled features. They produce components that are typically square or rectangular shapes with a variety of features.

  • CNC Laser Machines

CNC laser machines have a pointed router with a highly focused laser beam to slice, cut, or engrave materials. CNC laser machines heat materials causing them to vaporize or melt, creating a cut in the material. While the material is in a sheet format, the laser beam moves back and forth over the material creating a precise cut. This process can produce more designs than conventional cutting machines and often cuts that don’t require additional finishing processes. They are often used in the park-making of machined components.

  • CNC Electrical Discharge Machines

CNC electric discharge machines use highly controlled electrical sparks to manipulate materials into the desired shape. With the component placed under the electrode wire, the machine is programmed to emit electrical discharge from the wire, producing intense heat of up to 21000°F. The material is separated with liquid to create the desired shape or feature. The material is then melted away to create the desired feature or shape. They are often used to create a precise slot, micro holes, tapered or angled features, and other more-complicated features in a component. They are mostly used in materials that are difficult to machine into the desired shape. 

Conclusion With various kinds of CNC machines, you can get your preferences at a CNC machine shop in Arizona, depending on your operation needs. They push the limits of precision to manufacture component products that will transform your industry beyond your expectations. They are determined to machine highly sophisticated parts for defense missiles and rockets.