Choosing a Necklace Choker: Pendant Choker Necklace


Chokers are necklaces that sit around the neck tightly, often made of fabric since they are so close-fitting. They come in various materials and styles, from simple to ornate, featuring details like sequins, rhinestones, pearls, or pendants. They are great accessories that will add a statement to your fashion when worn correctly. 

  • Pendulum necklace with mother pearl stone


Brown cotton rope

Pearl line

Plated and varnished metal clasp

It’s authorial and handmade, with natural stones varying in size and color, which makes them unique.

  • Fluorite Stone Pendant choker Quartz Crystal Necklace.


5mm golden cotton rope.

Golden line

Plated and varnished metal clasp.

The Fluorite Stone Pendant choker necklace is authorial and handmade, with natural stones varying in size and color, which makes them unique.

  • Pyrite crystal necklace Pirita Brazilian crystal Reiki protection stone


10mm raw cotton and military green rope.

Silver line.

Size refers to 51 cm of the figure.

Plated and varnished clasp

Pyrite reiki jewelry is also authorial and handmade, with natural stones varying in size and color, which makes them unique.

There are various types of necklace chockers, so it is essential to keep some crucial tips in mind to help you select the one that will look flattering. 

  • Your neck size

First, knowing your neck size is essential. While collecting a pendant choker necklace, remember that standard length is best for those with shorter necks. However, you can add about 4 inches to have a perfect size for pendant necklaces.

  • Your shape face

The face is another aspect to keep in mind since a necklace is a kind of jewelry that completes your look. Selecting a pendant that highlights your facial features will make you stand out. For instance, long, chunky necklaces are great for people with rectangular faces, while the shorter chain is the best choice for people with heart-shaped heads. For those with oval faces, the sky is the limit. 

  • Your body type

Did you know that body type also affects the kind of necklace you choose? A longer necklace is more flattering for people with smaller busts or petite, while a shorter necklace is ideal for those with a larger body. If you have broader shoulders, longer necklaces are better as they’ll draw attention away from the shoulder. 

  • Your height

Height is another factor you should consider when buying a necklace. If you are below 5’4″, you can choose 16″-20″ in length, while longer necklaces will look great on you if you are 5’4-7’4″ or taller.

Tips on how to wear a choker pendant necklace

  • With all factors considered, pick a size, color, and style you like, then put it on and adjust it to fit your neck.
  • Chokers with a pendant, charm, or studded elements are good if you want something more ornamented
  • Combining your Choker with longer necklaces and wearing it with various outfits.

A pendant choker necklace can break or make an outfit because it is the center of attention. Therefore ensure you are keen on selecting a suitable necklace that will enhance your body type, complement the size of your neck, emphasize your height, and accentuate your face. If you want expert guidance and a plethora of options, consider reiki jewelry in ting pendant necklace for your needs that will add a statement to your jewelry collection.