Ceramic Décor Crockey Items : Things to know

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There is no doubt that every household has that one type of dinner set that sets the table at special occasions. These serve ware pieces are absolutely treasured, clearly wrapped with care. These are mostly kept only to be used for celebrations and even different events.  And after every single event or celebration, the dish gets wrapped and packed into hiding again.

Most of the serve ware encompass ceramic dishes, pots and even plates. It is absolutely gorgeous, but when painted as well as glazed, it is even more stunning. But you know ceramic dishes and ceramic home decor are as delicate as that of glass. Heat can trigger cracks and breaking, and robust ingredients or food colouring might stain them. Of course, these ceramic items are absolutely durable and effective but you should still know how to take good care of them. Even the most stunning and durable things go for a toss if not taken care of and maintained well. For your help, here are a few points that you should remember for better maintenance of your ceramic items.

Durable Crockery Designs but not unbreakable

You need to understand this thing. Ceramic things and items are quite durable. Having said that, these are not really resistant to devastating. So in case a plate or bowl or anything else ever simply falls on a harder, stronger surface, possibilities are it will break. Hence it is suggested to handle it with absolute care. Some ceramic textures and even designs are dishwasher and microwave safe. It’s better that you do read instructions beforehand. Ceramics do go with a huge range of cutlery but it would be better that you team it with ceramic only.  Moreover, though your ceramic product is somewhat scratch-proof, choosing a ceramic bowl with a steel or even wooden cutlery is not going to look nice on your dining table.  The point is simple, even if ceramic items no matter planters, dishes or décor items are durable; but they are not unbreakable. So, if you think you can be little lenient about their cleaning and care then you need to rethink.

Ceramics are microwave safe but aren’t stove friendly

Yes, you heard it right. Ceramics incline to expand under severe temperature so it is suggested that you should not make use of them to cook on the stove. However, some products and items are microwave safe. It is always better for you to ask your dealer or read proper instructions before purchasing. When you are storing ceramics,  no matter the dishware, décor items or otherwise, it’s advised that you don’t simply keep ceramic pots one on top of another. This could trigger breakage. Similarly, it would also be wise if you keep or rest them in a drawer to guard them against humidity.

Clean up your ceramic with a sponge

You know, hand washing your ceramic crockery and items is the best way to simply clean all the products. In addition, you should also evade using too hot water and any sort of harsh washing soap or detergent. In case there are any sort of stains on your dishes or other products, you might make use of baking soda on a simply damp sponge. Make sure that you use such a sponge to clean your ceramic items and crockery and allow it rest for five minutes and then simply rinse it. Harsh scrubbers or even detergent might rip off the glaze or even paint. 

Choosing ceramic as crockery?

Well, it is absolutely essential that you keep your overall usage in mind when you are selecting your crockery. In case it is for everyday use, you should choose something that is somewhat more durable and even dishwasher safe. You can even choose or pick crockery having glaze as they are going to protect it from humidity. It is actually wonderful to have a dinnerware set in ceramic. Ceramic crockery appears trendy and is mostly go with diverse types of kitchen decor. Similarly , soup mugs in ceramic are a big rage right now and in case you are amidst the soup lovers, it would be nice if you start exploring all the different beautiful designs. After all, you can get immense options in the designs of the crockery that you get in the realm of ceramic. The style, charm and durability; everything is impressive. But before you pick anything, be thoughtful about its usage.

Gifting ceramic items is a bliss

Ceramics can be the ideal type of gift for various occasions such as housewarming, special days  such as birthdays, mother’s day. For the ones who are obsessed with beautiful plants, ceramic pots and planters can be the ideal type of housewarming present. These come in so many diverse designs and do not really dry out quite quickly. You can be sure that you find abundance of charm in them and durability too.

The point is simple, when you have to gift something different, unique and stylish then why not ceramic items? You can find different designer planters , home décor items, dishes, mugs and much more. You just name it and you would find it in ceramic. In this way, you can be confident that the receiver uses it and make the most of it. For example, if you gift a ceramic pot planter, you can be definite that the receiver keeps it in their house or office. They can simply sow plants in the planter and reap the perks for long years to come. Their plants would stay healthy and fresh in a ceramic pot. Indeed, the ceramic planter kept in their yard or indoors would remind them every day of you!


To sum up, you should check out ceramic décor Crockery Design items and introduce these in your space. Since you know much about the charm and existence of ceramic, go for them. The point is simple, ceramic is something that can make things charmer, beautiful and durable. You can be sure that your space looks elegant and for whatever thing you buy ceramic for, it serves the purpose with distinction.