Here’s CBSE Question Banks 2021-22 Class 12 Launched with Extensive Practice for Competency-Based Questions

CBSE Question Banks 2021-22 Class 12

CBSE Class 12 board examinations are a crucial phase in the student’s life. Every student hustle to get the best possible study material to excel in their dream and go to their dream colleges. But, the question lies in how to get the best study material? Is there any single book that can help us through with the subject? The answer to your question lies with the newly launched CBSE Question Banks Class 12 2021-22 by Oswaal Books.

These question banks offer you a gateway to extensive learning for your board examinations. Oswaal Books not only offer the question banks for various subjects for class 12 but they also offer the CBSE class 12 books i.e. help books for various subjects so that students can prepare meticulously.

If you are the one who is going to sit for the class 12 board examination in 2021-22, then grabbing these question banks will surely act as a boon for you. Without delaying much let’s have a look at its salient features that make these questions banks truly commendable for students.

  • An extensive set of questions:

With these question banks, you will get various typologies of questions that are being asked in the examination. The most common typologies include VSA, SA, LA, and Visual case-based questions. You will get all these typologies conglomerated under the single roof of Oswaal Question Banks. All the question banks have been strictly designed according to the new guidelines generated by CBSE on 32 March 2021, so you need not worry about the same.

  • Unit-wise self-assessment:

These newly launched question banks not only offer the premium quality study material for learning but also offer the unit-wise self-assessments that will help you analyze your performance and keep a tab that whether you are through with this particular unit or not. This will help you find the areas where you are lacking and where you need to work harder.

  • Hybrid learning:

With the Oswaal CBSE Question Banks Class 12 2021-22, you are not only bound to learn from the books. They offer you the privilege to get a hybrid learning experience. You can use the video tutorials to learn in a better fashion. The videos will help to get in-depth knowledge about the topic and will offer conceptual clarity for the day of examination.

  • Quick learning approach:

Every student has a different ability and different approach to learning every new concept. Oswaal CBSE Class 12 2021-22 books offer the gateway for your troubles. They use various mnemonics, handouts, flashcards, mind maps, and many other things so that students can learn the concepts easily and there is no need to mug up the topics.

  • Solved specimen paper:

Oswaal Question Banks offers you the previous year’s solved question papers in the book. The previous year’s paper will be the topper’s answer sheet in handwritten form. You will get the idea that how you will attempt the exam and a proper emphasis will be laid on the mistakes made by the students and how to effectively write the answers.

Final Thoughts

CBSE Question Banks Class 12 2021-22 are the supreme guide to help to achieve great laurels in the examination. They are comprehensive, timely, and cover every concept that you need to be through for your examination. If you want to excel and be prepared for the examination then this is the right choice for you. You will also gain a lot of confidence by solving various assessments. So, just hurry up and grab your question bank for preparation.