CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2021 Guide: Top 5 Effective Preparation Tips to Score More Than 90 Per Cent marks

CBSE Class 12 Board Exam

Class 12 Board examinations are one of the most crucial examinations that a student appears for in their lives and no one can deny that it can be quite stressful to cope with the syllabus of the examination. Students are generally looking for a respite from sample papers and some tips that can help lessen the burden. This article aims at providing the students with some of the most effective Class 12 board examination tips that can go a long way in ensuring that students can score more than 90%, with ease

Follow these tips: 5 most effective tips that can get you closer to 90% easily

If you want to secure 90% in your class 12 board examination, make sure that you follow the 5 tips mentioned below:

  1. Marking the important topics– Needless to say, some topics in your syllabus will be more important than the rest. You must identify these topics from your sample papers and mark them accordingly. To Buy Best CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 2021, Click here. This way, during revision or during study sessions, you will know exactly which topics to study first. These topics are generally more challenging or are more critically immersive and that is why they need extra attention or emphasis. Marking the topics can go a long way in helping you remember the crux of the chapters as well.
  2.  Solve one sample paper each day – No matter how time-consuming or how much of a drag it feels, make sure that at the end of the day, you attempt to solve at least one sample paper. This will allow you to test and evaluate yourself daily and allow you to draw up a plan that is as per your rate of growth. Also, solving sample papers will help you realize which areas need more practice and which topics need revisiting. To Find Latest CBSE Sample Paper Class 12. Furthermore, Sample Papers contain some of the most demanding and evaluative questions, solving which will only help your case.
  3. Don’t Mug-up – Unless necessary, try and avoid the mugging up technique of studying. It usually ends up proving to be counter-productive and should be avoided unless there is nothing to comprehend. Your aim should always be to interpret the logic or the concept behind the topic or the piece of information. This will allow you to memorize faster since you know the gist of it. Also, it helps you with framing answers. If you want help you can refer to sample papers and to buy CBSE Sample Paper 2021.
  4.  Answering skill development – One thing that doesn’t get talked about much is the need for the development of answering skills. Under the immense pressure of completing the paper, students generally layout half-baked information and present the answers that prevent them from securing the perfect score. Make it a point to consciously develop your answer skills and work on the technique of sentence arrangement by incorporating the necessary information in a precise and concise manner and that can be developed by studying from some of the best books. To buy CBSE Books Class 12 2021.
  5. Spot recurring questions in papers – If you want to stay ahead of the others, make sure you know the previous years’ question paper pattern by heart. Know which questions have a tendency of being repeated and make sure you work on those questions. Also, these questions are generally the more challenging ones. So solving them will only help you improve on your preparation. To Buy Best CBSE Question Bank Class 12 2021, Click Here.

These are 5 of the most essential tips that have helped many a student secure 90% without even breaking a sweat.