Coronavirus is a major test of America’s innovation industry

Coronavirus is a Major Test of America’s Innovation Industry

America is supposed to be the world leader in medical innovation. Is it paying off during the coronavirus crisis?...
repair online reputation

Reputation Damage Control: Restore your Professional Reputation Online

People are prone to make mistakes and the best they can do is learn from their mistakes and improve. Whether...
McDonald’s has been slow to adopt meatless meat

Why McDonald’s Has Been Slow to Adopt Meatless Meat

The next big challenge for the plant-based meat industry is scale. One step forward, one...
Reputation Management For Hospitals

Importance of Online Reputation Management For Hospitals

A hospital is only able to perform successfully when there is a dedicated team. However, there might be situations when your...

The Evolution of Architecture in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the land of sublime architecture that has evolved over the years to reach the position it is today....
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Here’s why the Amazon climate walkout is a big deal

Organizers want to see the company promise to make zero emissions, drop contracts with fossil fuel companies, and stop...
The Global Sleep Company

What the Casper IPO Fiasco says About the Future of Your Favorite Millennial Brands

Less growth at all costs. More focus on actually making money. Casper went public on...

Why a robot pizza startup could be worth $4 billion

Zume Pizza is a Silicon Valley punchline, but investors are pouring millions into it. You...
West Texas oilfield service

7 Reasons Why Oil and Gas Industry Needs Roustabout

Oilfield service companies provide several services to the oil and gas industry. However, it cannot be denied that each task needs...

Harmful Effects of Medical Waste and the Importance of Waste Management

Medical waste is created during a clinical diagnostic process, treatment of a disease. Medical waste may pose a threat of infection...

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