technology is key to business strategy

Why technology is key to business strategy

There were times when businesses using technology to ease their processes were considered innovative. However, now use of technology...
Tom Steyer

How San Francisco billionaire Tom Steyer, the richest Democratic candidate, spends his money

The Democratic presidential candidate appears on pace to fulfill the Giving Pledge. Maybe. Tom Steyer does...
Rothy’s co-founder Roth Martin

How the 3D knitted Rothy’s shoe became the ‘it’ thing in women’s fashion

In three years, Rothy's saw sales of more than $140 million; now, they must balance expansion with fending off...
teammate's promotion

How internal promotions can negatively affect trust in teams

According to the research conducted at IESE Business School, internal promotions can lead to less trusting teammates
taylor swift

Why Taylor Swift is rerecording all her old songs

After losing her masters to Scooter Braun, Taylor Swift says she’ll make new ones. Taylor...
Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

Why the House plans to pass a bipartisan bill repealing a controversial Obamacare tax

The Cadillac tax is on the chopping block. The House of Representatives is about to...
Jeffrey Epstein in front of a New York City

Why banks kept doing business with Jeffrey Epstein

Epstein’s case is an example of how banks often prioritize rich clients over other concerns — moral, or even...
state laws

Protect Your Property by Planning Bankruptcy Exemptions

Are you unable to pay our debt? Looking for sound financial solutions? Consider filing for bankruptcy right away?
pitfalls of innovation

How not to kill your innovation: Avoiding 3 pitfalls of new product development

Here are three common pitfalls of innovation and insights on how to avoid them It...
tax refund

Easy Tips to Enhance Your Tax Refund

Without any doubt, tax time isn’t fun for anyone. It is stressful to get your math right, complete the documentation,...

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