Buy and sell pre-owned and refurbished bikes, parts and equipment locally.


While intending to buy a new bike, you may not be within the budget. However, there are options for you to get your new ride that’s within your budget by buying used bikes online. If you have planned to get one and you don’t want to break the bank, you should now start considering checking through the best app to sell bikes online.

You might spend hours looking for used and refurbished bikes online near you, jumping from site to site. It may seem exhausting, but with the best app to sell bikes online, you are covered with a convenient, user-friendly experience to buy and sell used brand-name bikes, pre-owned cycling gear, and used bike clothing.

Pedals App
  • Get  Used Bikes

Did you know you can get brand name bikes that are refurbished in preparation for purchase to meet your needs? Before being listed online, they go through a mechanical check for rebuilding or replacement to bring them back to saleable conditions. It involves brakes, tires, tubes, cables, housing and a deluxe tune-up to help it run in the best state.

  • Used Parts Bins

If you are a DIY person, you can also get used bins to look through the parts you need for your project or repair. It included used parts removed from bikes sorted and placed for your convenience. It allows you to check and find the parts that you need quickly.

  • Used bike clothing

Are you looking forward to buying bike wear for your next ride? No need to worry, as you can buy used bike clothing that will provide you with the right amount of comfort and style to make your next ride superb. Every cycling enthusiast means you’ll get what will meet your needs and expectations at just the right price. Baselayer, Upper body, Legwear, Accessories and Cycling suits are different types of parts that complete the perfect set of cycling clothing.

 How to buy and sell used bikes, pre-owned cycling gear and used bike clothing.

If you are an iOS user, here’s a straightforward step-by-step guide to help help you easily navigate your online buying and selling process

  • Browse deals on tons of great gear nearby
  • Once you’ve got what you are looking for, Instantly message sellers
  • Rate your buying experience. it will help in spreading your expertise to other cycling enthusiasts 
  • Sell something of your own- with your side-by-side photos of your bike, and selling is relatively more straightforward under 5 mins through your phone
  • Join the community of enthusiastic riders for an extended user-friendly experience in getting the proper bikes and gear for any budget and lifestyle


Technological advancement has made it easy for enthusiastic riders with the development of the best app to sell and buy used bikes online, including bicycles, clothing, parts, and gear. It provides a world-class experience to enjoy your ride with riders around you.