Boosting your Startup in London

start up support london

Ideas are what define us as species and implementing them is how we evolve faster and pave the way for the future. Start-ups are the places where a group of people works on ideas that will make the life of humans in some way better and easier. Even though these days the environment is quite supportive for people to explore their disruptive ideas. Making a successful Start-up is quite a risky endeavour.

While Some Factors Can’t be controlled, we can take care of many such factors which can boost the chances of the start-up becoming successful. One Of the Things Start-up Can do is Setup Themselves at Places where they can best support talent, funding, etc. to boost their development.

Below are some ways and organizations that can help you with your start up support london if you are starting or Re-locating your start-up To London, UK.

  • Office Space: –

London is one of the rich and Expensive Places on this planet. And start-ups usually have Less Budget in their starting phases. To Help Start-ups with These Are A lot Of Organisations That Provides Co-working Spaces throughout London and the Even UK, these places include Mindspace, LABS, Runway East, Huckletree, Workspace, and Work life. While The Wing is a female-focused co-working space and community hub for female entrepreneurs. And TechHub also Provides supports workforce and funding for Early-stage startups.

  • Connections:-

There are a lot of incubators and accelerators who help start-ups with mentorship, exposure and provide the tools to boost their growth. Start-up founders can choose from the well-established corporate accelerators from giants like Microsoft,Visa, and Barclays like Founders Institute, SeedCamp, Techstars London with Rising by Barclays having expertise in supporting Fintech Companies and StartupGrind’s remote accelerate program for those who want to split time between London and Their Home Countries.

  • Network:-

Exposure for start-ups is really necessary as it allows them to keep track of the market, improve their research and keep them up to date about the technologies coming into the market.Severallarge-scale general tech/start-ups events take place in the city throughout the year like LondonTechWeek, Unbound, Startup Grind Europe, or Tech. Festival. Apart from the Tech Events, The Founders can also check out invite-only communities and groups and sign up for newsletters from leading accelerators too.

  • Workforce:-

Apart from exposure and networking, a talented, well-motivated workforce can push your growth to another level. Platforms like WorkInStartups, Gradbay, and AngelList are useful for scoping out talent. Those who are looking for interns can choose the K-20 Accelerator program at King’s College which is one of the esteemed and have a great number of skilled and talented college students.

  • Funding:-

Last but most important part, every start-up is based on testing an innovative and disruptive idea before they provide it as a service to customers and earn money for them. InnovateUK Program offers grants of as much as £700K plus without taking equity. The Global Entrepreneurship Program by the Department of International Trade has helped 340 businesses relocate to the UK and raised over £1 billion of private investment for companies. The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), are two government initiatives that grant private investors significant tax breaks.

24Haymarket, Archangels,Qventures are some of the angel investors for early-stage start-ups Overall, the London start-up system has been boosted multi-fold in recent years due to government initiatives and tax breaks with also the best of companies and talent shifting to the city and many companies and programs helping with start-up support london throughout every field. It is one of the best places for the growth of start-ups.