Best Fabric Glue, No Stitching Needed

best fabric glue

Fabric glue is the best substitute for stitching. In earlier times, people considered stitching to be an art and done with patience. But nowadays, everyone is in a hurry and looking for a shortcut. 

Nowadays, most people use fabric glue as an alternative to sewing as it removes the need to use a needle and thread to attach pieces of fabric. Therefore, if you have never experienced the wonders of fabric glue, here are some benefits of the best fabric glue. It is not only versatile but also helpful and handy. This remarkable substance is an excellent adhesive to have around you, and whether there was an awkward scratch on your shirt or a cut due to a nail, this fabric glue will help you in any case of emergency. 

What is Fabric Glue?

Fabric glue is the adhesive substance that is used frequently to fuse two fabrics. There are two types of fabric glue available: permanent fabric glue and temporary fabric glue. The temporary fabric glue helps you provide a temporary bond between two fabrics. Sometimes you need a little assistance with your sewing projects. Aleene’s no-sew fabric glue has a unique formula that gives a temporary hold while basting and stitching. The best part is, it would not gup up your sewing needle and remains permanent until you wash it. We can also paste other materials, like decorating beads, artificial flowers, and more with this Aleene’s fabric glue. It is non-toxic and is used for decorative crafting with both natural and synthetic fabrics. At the same time, permanent glue gives a more lasting bond between two fabrics. 

Everything you need to know before buying a Fabric Glue

It would help if you thought about what features you want the glue to have. Here are some points to remember before getting the best fabric glue


The essential thing to know is why do you want fabric glue? If you want to use it for assisting with the sewing, then you need temporary plastic glue. It will allow you to attach two pieces of fabric to allow you to sew more accurately. Temporary fabric glue is used for basting, as a substitute for pins, patching, and even putting in a temporary hem. And permanent fabric glue is good if you are using it as an alternative to sewing. It is used to repair an item of clothing, but you do not want to get the sewing machine out, or you are planning a craft project that requires bonding fabrics together, or it can also bond other materials with fabric. 

Strength of the Glue

It is essential to know whether the glue has the strength to hold two fabrics together for a long. Every glue has a different strength level. For example, if you are going to use the glue to create or repair an item of clothing, then you need a strong glue as it will be subject to wear and tear, but if you are planning to create a decorative item, then you will need everyday glue, that would be enough. 


These are the two main factors that we need to consider before buying the best fabric glue. Many other factors like basting, quality, quality after drying, durability, and much more but are two essential things that we need to know.