Best Car Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Best Car Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Drawing For Kids always adore our fantastic car colouring pages, but today we’re learning how to draw a car with a straightforward printable guide! Thanks to the tiny steps taken, your children may quickly transition from a blank paper to a car they can colour.

The majority of young children are obsessed with autos. Whatever their preferred type of automobile is—race cars, elegant cars, sports cars—this tutorial will have them drawing a basic car in no time.

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Drawing a car step-by-step

Let’s practise drawing a straightforward automobile using only straight lines and simple forms. With Drawing For Kids you can quickly create your car drawing by studying the sample and following the step-by-step directions. Kids will love this simple step-by-step art tutorial.


  • First and foremost, remember that drawing practice is an essential part of learning to draw, and no one ever draws a car successfully on their first, second, or tenth try!
  • Draw the forms as shown in the vehicle drawing lesson, even though it could seem unusual, and then delete the additional lines. Although it may seem inconvenient and unneeded, it aids in giving your brain the right shape and scale to draw.
  • Consider practising the movements by tracing the example of the vehicle drawing lesson if you are having trouble with a particular step or series of moves.
  • Use an eraser and a pencil. Make more use of the eraser than the pencil!
  • Follow the example the first few times, and once you’ve mastered the basic drawing techniques, embellish, add features, and make adjustments to create your car drawing.
    Have a wonderful time!


Drawing exercises are a lot of fun! Children can create an automobile step-by-step and add colours and details to make it as cool or upscale as they like.

Learning to sketch an automobile is a creative, colourful painting experience for kids of all ages that helps them improve their creativity and imagination in addition to being a fun, screen-free exercise.

The nine simple steps to design an automobile, including line drawings for each stage and the corresponding step number next to them.


  • Anyone can figure out how to sketch an automobile! Grab a pencil, then adhere to these straightforward directions:
  • Draw a rectangle to begin; note how the front and top right corners are rounded.
  • Remove extra lines after drawing a trapeze with rounded edges.
  • On each side, include three concentric rings.
  • Draw two rounded rectangles, one on each side, for the bumpers.
  • Add a line below the main figure and around the wheels.
  • Draw two curving lines on either side; these are our car’s headlights.
  • Draw two rectangles with rounded sides to create the windows.
  • Draw lines representing the doors, a mirror, and a miniature door handle.
  • You’re finished! You can modify anything you want, including adding more information.

Ta-da! You’ve now created a fun vehicle drawing!

Because it’s simpler to follow each step with a visual example, I suggest printing these automobile drawing instructions.