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Banglore is the city of the silicon valley in India. Bangalore Or Bengaluru has the dreamy weather. The city is famous for its palatable foods like masala dosa, filter coffee, idly and as well as coconut chutney. The weekend gateway from Bangalore are comfortable and modern. It is the place of various vibrant Kannada temples with budding startups. If you are thinking about traveling to the city then it is itself a heaven with fascinating cultures.

In Bangalore there are a bunch of castles with Tudor style architecture and Tipu Sultan’s palace which is in the 17th century. There is also an art gallery named Venkatappa which is undoubtedly fantastic. Banglore is also known as the Garden City because of the 19th century old Cubbon park and green spaces. Bangalore’s Vidhana soudha and the palace of Neo Dravidian granite is also a palace which is a must visit place for the famous architecture.

To visit Bangalore the best time:

If you are the one who is more interested in peaks then you must try between October to February. Though throughout the whole season it is pleasurable. 

In Summers:

During the summer season between March to June you can feel warm but bearable. In the summer, the temperature is always favorable. For families and young children in the summer season is the high season to spend time on weekends. 

Others season:

Though Bangalore is never in off season to travel so all visitors come in all seasons. Between July and September monsoon season rain is not uncommon and it’s bearable. Rainy season is the best to visit because of its panoramic views to explore Bangalore. 

This city is more like a stopover for all the travelers for the charm of the city like flashes images of soaring skyscrapers and flourishing IT parks. 

When you get to know about the amazing Bangalore, it’s a surprise itself. You will never be disappointed to visit this place. You can meet undoubtable beautiful place. Over the city there are the biggest and premium shopping malls. Once you know about Bangalore and it’s an amazing surprise street shopping hub, you will just fall in love. 

If you are not a shopping lover then don’t make yourself down. Because there are some gorgeous hill spots to spend a morning like in the Nandi hills. 

Bangalore is a history itself. During the pre colonial era Tipu Sultan ruled over Bangalore and his palace is a treat visit. And the city even has its own massive National Park and Bird Sanctuary.

The Lalbagh Botanical Garden:

In Bangalore the Royal lalbagh is a great place to visit. The park is commissioned by the late Hyder Ali which is a private property. In the evening light the palace looks like a peacock. In the park houses there are 1840 varieties of flowers and medical herbs with 240 acres of land. Which is the most exclusive to Bangalore city. And the Lalbagh Rock is around 30000 years old. 

The Bannerghatta National Park:

Bangalore city has various national parks and protected areas for the wild animals and birds. The Bannerghatta National park is around 104.27 and it has an awesome aquarium, snake stop, a zoo,crocodile, and a museum etc to visit. In the protected area there are lions, deers, bears, tigers, peacocks, crocodiles and wild dogs. 

The Wonder La:

A must visit place is the Wonder La which is one of the biggest amusement parks all over India. To reach this place the destination has 60 rides including some adventures, water rides, tunnel rider,and wave pools. In this park there’s a massive rollercoaster in India. And the other rides are twister, recoil, dropzone, insanity, flash tower, hurricane, equinox, maverick etc. The Wonder La also has a resort where if you want you can stay. 

 The Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan:

The Summer palace of Tipu Sultan was built in the year of 1791. And now it’s a compulsory visit place for every tourist. The building is made of teak wood with wooden pillars. For this reason the  wood makes interiors cool and shooting. This is a fine architectural design in the ceilings and walls of the palace which look more beautiful. In this palace there are two balconies where Sultan Tipu used to conduct the meetings. 

The city of gardens, Bangalore shows a versatile face in many ways which is unforgettable for all visitors. 

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