Automotive Social Media Marketing: Facts You Should Know About It

automotive social media marketing

Nowadays, almost everybody is on social media. Starting from casual chats with friends to online business, social media provides a unique and extensive platform for different activities. For example, if you are a car dealer, you can cue from this and use automotive social media marketing as an effective and inexpensive tool to reach out to your target groups.

Most car buyers use social media to search for the car models that they want to buy. 

So, you get a lot of user data related to a vast segment of users and know who the visitors to your website or webpage are. Following are some facts that would be useful to you for marketing your car dealership:

There are more than two billion users worldwide on Facebook monthly, and most of them browse the page several times a day. What you can do is post a combination of content on Facebook. They can be images, videos, links, polls, etc. this flexibility of options and the capability to reach the targets make Facebook great support for automotive social media marketing.

  • Instagram also has a vast number of users, although less than Facebook. However, Facebook owns Instagram, so you can post ads that would cover both the channels and engage the users with some great content using your creativity. You need to research to identify the hashtags that not only describe your brand properly but also have a large enough search volume.
  • Twitter is another channel that has several users and is a fast-paced site. Here you can post contents that are limited to 288 characters for each post. In addition, you can share links about your website and related content to attract an audience. 
  • Posting content on social media is a strategy. There are several types of content that you can post, like videos, links, pictures of the car models, short write-ups related to community events, etc.
  • Regarding the posting frequency, you have to decide which media you should post daily, like on Facebook or Instagram, and on Twitter, you can post several times a day as it is fast-paced.

The contents that you would be posting would send out the same message related to your automobile dealership, but you may have to create some tweaks according to the social media platform where you are posting it. For example, if you are posting content on Twitter, it has to be shorter than what you can post on Facebook and Instagram due to the restriction on the number of characters that you can use.

Also, you have to observe the type of popular content on each social media and change your strategy depending on the same. 

Go through your pages frequently to go through the comments and reviews and reply to queries from the viewers. 

You should check your pages at least once a day to ensure that no query, feedback, or complaint goes unanswered.


The above tips regarding automotive social media marketing would give you an idea regarding the promotion of your dealership or your car models effectively. 

Add to that some of your creative ideas, and you would have a good number of conversions in a quick time.