An interview with Mags Lybolt

Mags Lybolt

Magdalena Lybolt, also known as Mags Lybolt, is an experienced entrepreneur and author. Magdalena is a dedicated mother who understands the hard work required to start and manage a business and write multiple books.

Early Life

Mags received an MBA in Business from Purdue University. She had a wealth of knowledge in the business world focused on marketing and technology. Mags started and built a successful business in the Marketing industry in her late 20s. This was particularly important because many other businesses were closing down or failing to launch during the recession in the United States.


Mags has a deep understanding of business development and was inspired to work closely with physicians. Mags was the Marketing Planner for a Physical Therapy Company and noticed the amazing results she was achieving. She also realized that not all physicians were taking advantage of proper marketing. Mags decided to go it alone and create a business to address the gap. Mags’ knowledge and experience helped doctors market, develop, grow, and expand their businesses. With great success, she was able to open seven accounts within the first month. The company grew quickly and was extremely successful. After achieving her goal, she explored other business opportunities (such as selling this one).

Mags, as an author, has sometimes taken a different approach to the craft. Mags is one of many writers who are happy to have their names printed on the front. Mags uses a pen name when it feels natural. Mags writes about deeply personal topics that are important to her. She doesn’t reveal the names of these books because they are so personal. She wants the book “to find the reader”. People who are drawn to her subjects yearn for real change. Her words are intended to inspire genuine help. However, only those who can connect with her through an honest connection will be able to access them.

Her Latest Launch

Mags LyBolt will launch two new books, “You Got This” (and “Prayers to Pray Over Your Children”). These books will soon be available for purchase. “You Got This” is an encouraging and blessing book. The text includes several short readings to help readers discover their true selves and form successful habits. The book “Prayers to Pray over Your Children” contains short prayers that you can read to your child together. Mags discovered that there were not many books for parents who wanted to pray with their children. This book was created to assist parents and guardians in praying at all times of the day or night. This book allows parents to choose from many prayer types and helps them create their prayers. Parents sometimes struggle to decide what type of prayer to pray. This book provides examples of both types of prayers and blessings offered to children each day.