An Author, Data Driven Investor and CEO Benjamin Gordon And Supply Chain Management


The saying that goes like “the people who succeed are irrationally passionate about something” is gospel truth. If you are doing things for the sake of doing them, you would only get so far. However if you are passionate about doing simplest of tasks like getting that early morning sunshine or bigger ones like performing well in your SATs, you would surely succeed.

It matters not what the society think is rational, if you follow your dreams and continue to make choices that resonates with your dream, there is no external force that could hamper your success. The story of Benjamin Gordon revolves around the realities of this statement. He founded Cambridge Capital and is currently the CEO and Managing Partner at this firm.

As the CEO of BGSA Holdings, Benjamin is a leading advisor and investor in niche supply chain technology sector. His firm exclusively focuses on transportation, logistics and career development, providing strategy-led M&A advisory services for leading CEOs in the supply chain and technology sector. Establishing a strategic foundation with the client’s business is what BGSA believes in.

Supply chain management is all about handling the production flow of goods and services, starting from raw material all the way to delivering the final product to the customer. According to Benjamin, an effective supply chain management system is the one which minimizes cost, waste and time in the production cycle. Better  supply chain management system equals to better long-term sustainability of company.

Harvard and Yale graduate, Benjamin founded 3PLex, the internet solution enabling third-party logistics companies to automate their business. He has raised millions from  investors like Goldman Sachs, BancBoston Ventures, Morgan Stanley, and so on. He also generated 3PLex feature stories in the New York Times, Business Week, ABC, Journal of Commerce, and other media.

Benjamin highly believes in giving back to the society. Which is why he is extensively helping young individuals reach their potential in the field of supply chain management. He also boosts young adult volunteerism and is the founder and chairman of GesherCity. Born a  multitasker, he is also an advisor in the business of   supply chain management. Benjamin Gordon spent his entire career helping companies reach their optimum revenue. He has developed one of the first e-marketplace strategies for a logistics client. Benjamin has put these companies at such a high place in such limited time, that it is only for the public to see how high his business empire will rise from here on. Irrationally passionate about his business, Benjamin is worth every praise that comes his way.