Alonzo Bodden’s Stand-Up Comedy At His Best

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Alonzo Bodden is a veteran comic and seasoned military man known for his offbeat, topical style. The self-described “cynically good-natured” entertainer combines impressive crowd work with topical humor. After serving nine years in the Air Force, he got laid off and enrolled in a stand-up comedy class.

Comedian Alonzo Bodden’s smooth, sharp humor has made him an NPR commentator and a favorite of audiences all around the globe. He’s a self-described “cynically good-natured” comedian who combines topical humor with excellent crowd work to produce a very entertaining presentation. In his most recent stand-up special, “Heavy Lightweight,” the comic discussed slavery, the #MeToo movement, millennials, and even Taco Bell.

Popular on the Internet, Alonzo Bodden’s stand-up comic acts have appeared on numerous TV shows. He has hosted several episodes of NPR’s Wait…Don’t Tell Me and has been regular. Alonzo’s material is a former “cynically good-natured” TV host with a “cynically good-natured,” irreverent tone. A frequent panelist on NPR’s Wait…Don’t Tell Me!, Alonzo Bodden is known for his “cynically good-natured” material. His hilarious material has been praised by critics and audiences alike. There are many stand-up specials available on Amazon Prime Video. The comedian’s fifth stand-up special, Heavy Lightweight, is available on the streaming service.

  • His first show was at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. Since then, Bodden has appeared on numerous late-night TV shows, including The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Dr. Ken, Fresh Off the Boat, and Who’s Paying Attention?
  • His stand-up comedy has garnered him numerous awards, and he has starred on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. His snarky material is a favorite among millennials and the #MeToo movement. His stand-up routines have also been featured on the Speed Channel’s 101 Cars You Must Drive and the Travel Channel’s America’s Worst Driver.
  • He is also a car enthusiast, hosting the travel channel America’s Worst Driver and 101 Cars You Must Drive. He has lent his voice to Jay Leno’s Garage and has appeared on numerous national shows. He also hosts a weekly podcast called Who’s Paying Attention? and is a frequent guest on various NPR programs. So far, the latest special from Alonzo Bodden is the best of the bunch.
  • While Alonzo Bodden’s stand-up comedy’s Netflix special has won awards for both comedy and television, his latest special on Amazon is also a big deal. The video streaming service has not dabbled in the stand-up comedy genre, but it’s making comedy dreams come true for four of the most talented comedians. The unique, Heavy Lightweight will explore both serious and lighter topics.
  • Alonzo has been a popular guest on the late-night comedy circuit with his diverse background. He has been a regular panelist on Wait…Don’t Tell Me! for nearly 20 years. In 2018, he released his fourth stand-up special, Heavy Lightweight, on Amazon Prime He has a diverse audience, and he tackles topics from slavery to the #MeToo movement to Kanye West.
  • With over two decades of experience as a stand-up comedian, Alonzo Bodden’s material has been described as “cynically good-natured.” The comedian’s witty material has garnered praise from audiences worldwide. Its satirical style is unique and hilarious.
  • The award-winning comedian is an American favorite and a member of NPR’s Wait…Don’t Tell Me! He has also appeared on several popular television shows. His most recent stand-up special, Heavy Lightweight, premiered on Amazon Prime Video and featured a variety of topics that touched on slavery, millennials, and Kanye West.


A stand-up comedian of international repute, Bodden is a renowned TV personality and has made a name for himself as a ‘car enthusiast.’ He is a regular guest on “The Late Show With Jay Leno” and has even lent his voice to the Power Rangers series and the Halo Wars 2 video game. And he has a long and successful resume in the entertainment industry.

Comedian Alonzo Bodden is a six-time nominee for the American Comedy Award and is the most successful black comedian in Los Angeles. He graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta and is a famous one-liner comedian in Chicago. His humor has a broad appeal, and he is a “man’s man.” However, it is difficult for him to make you laugh in front of him. While he is a highly sought-after celebrity, Bodden has a lengthy resume in the comedy world.