A Useful Guide For Parents For GATE Exam Preparation

GATE Practice Tests for WA

There is intense competition for the Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Entry Program for Perth Modern and other selective schools in WA. If you are preparing your child for this exam, then the GATE Practice Tests for WA can be very useful. Listed below are a few tips if you are guiding your child for GATE Practice Tests for WA.

Yes, GATE is a tough test to crack:

There is no doubt that the GATE exam is tough, and the time crunch that the student faces is challenging. Almost every question in the examination has to be answered in less than one minute with the Abstract Reasoning question allocated only 34 seconds, and that is hard. Isn’t it?

Besides the time limit aspect, the questions are not straightforward. Your child needs to have abstract reasoning and problem-solving skills to answer the difficult questions in the examination.

Now this ultimate guide can help your child to do well in GATE tests for WA for Quantitative and Abstract reasoning:

  • First, let your child do the GATE Practice Tests for WA without actually keeping a tab on the time limit. Ask your kid to focus initially on getting the right answer rather than trying to complete the test sheet in time. At the end of the practice test, check the score and evaluate where your child is lacking and what his strengths are.
  • Next in the GATE Practice Tests WAcheck which questions your child answered incorrectly. Ask him to try on his own to get the right answer.
  • After this, the emphasis has to be on ensuring that your child gets the right answer for questions in a limited number of steps. Once the child has clarity about the process of answering the questions, then he will be able to complete the practice session quickly.
  • Now make your child practice again and again, and once he starts scoring well, ask him to focus on the time limit aspect.
  • Finally, it is time to encourage your child to try and complete the practice session within the allotted time.

For the improvement in writing expression in the GATE exam:

  • Check out writing practice tests that are marked and assessed by teachers, with genuine feedback.
  • Have your child practise writing under time limit.     
  • Check his/her writing score and help him/her understand the feedback given.

              Encourage him/her to rewrite based on the feedback given.     


No doubt that the GATE examination is difficult, but the GATE Practice Tests for WA     can make things easy. So, let your child take the GATE Practice Tests for WA as many times as possible.