8 Best Bra Types For Everyday Wear

Savara Intimates bra

The Savara Intimates bra types may help you build a practical and fashionable bra collection. It’s your one-stop shop for finding the best bra support for your needs in a variety of styles. If you choose the incorrect one, your self-esteem will suffer. There are a lot of ladies that wear bras all day. Therefore, it’s important to invest in the right one!

  1. Bandeau 

Bandeau bras have a single band over the chest and are strapless. Because the band’s compression molds to the chest and provides excellent support, they are normally non padded and underwire-free.

  1. Bralette 

With a silky, flexible band that hugs your chest, bralettes remain in place without the need for clasps. This style of bra may be unlined or minimally padded, but it does not often contain an underwire.

It is a good idea to pair your loungewear with a bralette if you are looking for a more casual look than a bra. For the ultimate in comfort, wear your bralette with a pair of fitting leggings or beneath a sweater. 

  1. Triangle shape 

Unlined cups with a triangular plunge cut are seen in triangle bra, which are meant to raise and support the chest.

T-shirt bras, high-neck bras, and even demi bras provide more coverage than triangle bra. To get the most out of our Body Basics triangle bras, wear them with low-cut shirts and skirts or with higher-necked garments.

  1. T-Shirt Bra

T-shirt bras are a must-have piece of every woman’s wardrobe. Full coverage cups with little to no padding are seen in T-shirt bras, which may be worn with any basic top and are quite comfortable.

  1. Plunge bra 

Like T-shirt bras, plunges provide minimal lift with practically little cup padding. Plunge bras, as opposed to T-shirt bras, do not provide as much support.

Plunge bras are ideal for tops and skirts with low-cut necklines because of their cups that drop below the breasts. Under your dresses, use an open-bust slip for maximum comfort and support. 

  1. Underwire bra 

There is a metal wire that goes under the breasts, which provides a lot of lift and support for underwire bras. Padding or no lining might be used in the construction of underwire bras. 

Underwire bras may help you get the chest you’ve always wanted by lifting and gently cupping the breasts. These bras are ideal for tees, skirts, and blouses with traditional necklines that you wear on a daily basis.

  1. Push up bras

Push-up bras provide form and support, as well as excellent lift and increased cup size.

In terms of coverage, push-up bras may be ideal for both high and low necklines, depending on the cut. Comfortable and supportive, the Savara Intimates push-up bra will lift you up rather than drag you down, thanks to its lightweight fabric and second-skin fit.

  1. Lined bra 

It is a bra that is both breathable and flexible. Lined bra don’t put any pressure on the breasts. They’re also supportive, compressive, and lightweight.

You can wear lined bra beneath large sweaters and slouchy jeans for a casual but stylish look. Under fitted shirts with high necklines, lined bras look their finest. 


Even the most luxurious and best-fitting bras may be unpleasant if they don’t fit properly. Understanding how to measure your chest can assist you in determining the most appropriate bra size for you. Never settle for anything that doesn’t fit!