7 Reasons Why Oil and Gas Industry Needs Roustabout

West Texas oilfield service

Oilfield service companies provide several services to the oil and gas industry. However, it cannot be denied that each task needs a group of skilled individuals. Thankfully, there are roustabout services for it. The roustabouts are the hard-working people who manage all the work in the fields such as oil tanks, wellheads, pipeline maintenance, and many more. They are essential for the short and long-term working of oil and gas operations.

Roustabouts clean equipment and tools such as pumps, drills, and machinery so that work areas can be kept clean and systemized. They also use motorized truck winches and lifts to clear debris and pipe to stack materials and equipment. They also move equipment and supplies to the worksite and arrange, repair, service, and dismantle machinery and equipment, such as engine parts and boilers.

Apart from these, there are several other reasons why West Texas oilfield service companies need roustabout. Here follows the list of seven of them:


Roustabouts are undoubtedly the backbone of the oil and gas industry. They provide services for hot water pressure washing, snow removal, tank battery teardown, replacement, mowing, and painting- new and existing.


Roustabouts are skilled for multiple fields including containment services. Trained and experienced roustabouts offer their services to tasks such as temporary containment and tank and separator containment.


Roustabouts also serve for stormwater control where they ditch construction, seeding and soil stabilization, straw erosion blankets and culvert pipe, installation, repair, silt fences, and rock check dams.


Roustabout services can also be taken for location access control & security. They can be hired for battery fencing, security fencing, cattle guard installation, pipe fencing, horse and cattle fencing, bird netting, and pipe services.


Experienced roustabouts also help other crew members with extra operational and maintenance related tasks such as inspections- visually inspecting pipes for leakages with the use of electronic detectors and walking flow lines.


Drillers begin as roustabouts till they get experienced and trained enough to a floor-hand or roughneck position, after that to a driller and then to a rig supervisor. As the roustabouts are well trained before they step in the fields, they can be trusted for safe and consistent execution of turnkey projects related to repairs, maintenance, and construction.


Roustabouts wear protective gloves, hard hats, earmuffs, goggles, and boots. As such they are well aware of all the equipment such as safety harnesses and power tools and take extra measures for their security. Hence, they are well aware of keeping safe while working.


Different tasks in the oil and gas industry need skilled and experienced workers and that is why West Texas oilfield service companies offer roustabout services. The trained and experienced workers for several activities help to get the task done most effectively and hence pave the way for the standard output.