6 Must-Have Qualities for a Great Architect like Leesa Fazal

Interior Design

In some professions, the quality of your work will reflect on the people you serve. As an architect, your buildings and drawings will make or break the new housing developments they design. Being an ideal architect requires some qualities beyond just a strong portfolio. These six qualities are common in many successful architects who consistently deliver exceptional designs like Leesa Fazal.

1. Creativity

In architecture, there is a great deal of pressure to conform. What clients want to see is not some generic plan that a thousand different architects have done but something better. Creativity is the crucial element in this process. It has been said that good design comes from an “intuition,” and so leaving it up to a multitude of people who think they can deliver this quality can be very risky.

2. Design Skills

To be a successful architect, you need to have strong design skills. While creativity is essential in being able to produce something new, it will not necessarily pass the test when up against an excellent set of design skills. No matter how much you may be tempted to jump in and create some great ideas all on your own, you should always work with a team of people who can bring real value to the overall project.

3. Communication

Communicating your ideas is a crucial role of an architect. Most architects will work closely with clients regularly, so the ability to understand their needs and wants is critical. The decision on what can be built may be left up to others (or even computer programs), but it is still important to carefully explain how these decisions came about.

4. Team Leader

In any given project, there will be many people who will need to work effectively together. Some of these people may be a part of your project team, but many more will come in through subcontractors. The choice and quality of individuals involved with your project are crucial, as they can make or break the final product. There are many ways to manage this situation and select the right people.

5. Software Skills

While not necessary, having good software skills will make the architect’s job smoother. The ability to use digital tools can help you to streamline many different processes in your practice. You will also be able to produce higher-quality designs that get delivered much faster than many other companies.

6. Business Minded

Finally, an architect needs to have a keen business sense. Being able to stay on top of the world of software, building technology, and other different elements will keep you ahead of your competition. That can be done by working closely with a business manager at a firm that can help you to implement your ideas effectively.

Final verdict

If you are thinking about becoming an architect, it is essential to consider all aspects of that role. While creativity and design skills are critical, you need to be aware of the different qualities that will make or break your work.