5 Ways to Stop Damp in Your Bathroom

damp proofing

There is nothing like a long hot shower to relax your body after a hectic day’s work. However, it creates a lot of humidity that may cause many health problems and other issues for the bathroom. Condensation is caused due to high levels of humidity which in turn causes mildew and mould resulting in the peeling of wallpaper and paper. 

Though every bathroom is unique, the tools available for combating humidity should be variable. It requires a blend of many techniques and methods for damp proofing in Oxford to keep the bathroom dry pleasantly. There are many solutions to help stop damp becoming a problem in Oxford:

Turning On Your Extractor Fan 

Use an exhaust fan or a vent during the bath or shower if you have one installed in your bathroom. It is also suggested to limit your shower time to reduce humidity. Besides, keep the exhaust fan on even after you bathe for at least ten to fifteen minutes. Baths and hot showers produce abundant moisture so it is important to pull out of your bathroom. Dry out space with a portable fan in case your bathroom lacks a built-in exhaust fan.

Open Your Windows

If the moisture-laden air has nowhere to escape it will lead to damp issues and the bathrooms are more prone to high humidity levels. Opening your windows is one of the most effective ways to allow fresh air to move freely in and humid air to escape. Ensure to open the windows before you take a bath or shower to avoid lingering humid air to escape in the room.

Fixing Defects in Building

Check your building if it has defects in the ventilation of your property when you are experiencing penetrating damp. You need to locate where the moisture is entering your building and then take the help of a contractor to fix the damaged roof, gutters, or repair windows if they are installed poorly. Upon removal of moisture, you can introduce ventilation solutions such as extractor fans to remove any further moisture.

Have a Dehumidifier Installed

You can also add a mini portable bathroom dehumidifier next to your tub or shower. Select a dehumidifier with gel pads in case you have an electric model, to keep away from adding more moisture or water to the bathroom. Switch on the dehumidifier while you take your shower or bath and also before and after to lower the level of moisture in the bathroom.

Install a Damp Proof Course or Membrane

If you have your bathroom on the ground floor in your Oxford home, then it is more susceptible to rising damp. Moreover, if your building is suffering from rising damp, then the best solution is to install a damp proof course. While, it is not the cheapest damp proofing method in Oxford, but it makes your bathroom is free from dampness. It should be carried out by professional experts.


Damp in your home whether in rooms, kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere brings loads of health problems and makes your home unhygienic. The bathroom is the most prone to humidity, therefore needs extra care. Hope these tips will help you to get rid of damp in your bathroom.