5 tips to make an Outstanding Website by Oliver Wood, PWD

Oliver Wood PWD
Oliver Wood PWD

A professional website design is one of the most important ways how a business establishes its online presence. The majority of customers will visit their website before purchasing any product or service from them. A website behaves as a point of direct engagement and establishes a credible bond with the target audience. Especially during the starting phase when businesses are small, having a professional, interactive website helps in driving more sales and generates more revenue.

Even though most businesses try to make a stylish and animated website. A Professional website is so much more than just using vibrant colors and animated effects. Oliver Wood with his company PWD (Perth Web Design) has helped hundreds of businesses to create professional websites that increased their revenues by multi-folds. He shares the best tips to keep in mind while designing the website for your business.

  • Keep your website and free of clutter: These days minimalism technique is trending and on the rise. Minimalistic content is based on extreme simplicity. Most people rarely read every word. Instead, they quickly scan through the webpage, picking out keywords, sentences, and images. With this in mind, you need to ensure your website contains relevant and important elements and has proper whitespace.
  • Design with the hierarchy in your mind: Hierarchy is an important principle of design that helps in displaying your content in a clear and effective manner. A clearly established hierarchy will make your readers unconsciously follow your element placement pattern and will make sure your website gets their attention and your brand services remain in their subconscious.
  • It’s a clear fact, if your site is slow, visitors will not stick around. Search engines also factor in your page loading speed while ranking your website. So if your website is not optimized, your traffic will be heavily affected and your website will rank lower too. You need to optimize your code files and your designs to make your website as fast as possible.
  • “Readability” is defined by how easy it is for the user to recognize words, phrases, and sentences. A website with high readability lets users effortlessly scan and skim read through it. To achieve that you should have sufficient contrast between your text, color, and background color, Keep the letter size large and use the most readable and popular typography.
  • Always make a mobile-friendly website: All of your visitors should enjoy the same professional experience regardless of the device they are browsing from. As many of them will be surfing from a mobile rather than a laptop, you need to create a mobile-friendly version of the site, that is cleaner and weigh less cluttered than the web version. The best practice is to create 2 versions rather than optimizing your desktop website.

Especially for small businesses, a professional website helps them to introduce to a much wider audience and generate revenues and leads when they can’t afford to pay hefty amounts for marketing and advertisements. It’s important that you follow all the principles and guidelines for making a professional website. Small businesses looking for a professional who can help them with their website can contact Oliver Wood and his company PWD which is one of the top design and marketing agencies in Australia.