5 Essential Duties of a Great International Business Developer


An International Business Developer is a highly-trained individual with a broad range of skills and experiences that make them uniquely qualified to execute an international growth strategy. As the world has become more connected and globalized, companies must rethink their strategies, moving away from serving domestic markets to competing globally. That’s why more than ever before, organizations are seeking out International Business Developers like Michael Merisier, who have mastered the trade craft of executing such strategies successfully. Below are some of the duties of a great international business developer.

Michael Merisier

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1. Business Development and Planning

Before International Business Developers can execute an international growth strategy, they must work with their superiors to study the marketplace and identify potential growth opportunities. Great International Business Developers have a deep understanding of the marketplace and their company’s strengths, weaknesses, unique value proposition, and core competencies, which they use to develop a strategic plan that will help them execute on the global stage.

2. Negotiation & Closing the Deal

When it comes time to execute the business growth strategy, International Business Developers are responsible for ensuring all the pieces fit together and that everyone is on board with the plan. They have to be able to negotiate deals and contracts effectively and close them. To do so, they must understand their company’s deal-making process and negotiation strategy and know-how to adapt these approaches based on audience and market demands.

3. Branding & Marketing

International Business Developers need to know about their company’s brand and marketing strategy to take advantage of such opportunities to create a strong brand image that will help propel their foreign growth plans forward. They must make sure every promotional campaign, website, and ad is consistent with the overall brand image.

4. Competitor Analysis

Because International Business Developers are executing growth strategies on a global scale, they also need to be very aware of their competitors and the marketplace. To identify growth opportunities, they must collect data about their competitors’ marketing strategies, budgets, and strengths/weaknesses.

5. Cultural Intelligence

Finally, great international business developers must have solid cultural intelligence (CQ) to grow their company internationally. They need to understand the cultural nuances of their target market and adjust their marketing and sales strategies to fit in with local tastes, needs, and desires.

Final verdict

Michael Merisier, an International Business Developer, is among the key players in international business operations. They represent a new breed of workers within the business world who use their decisive minds and strategic focus to make critical decisions that significantly impact market performance.