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Everybody strives to achieve content supremacy. To set up an appealing website, it is important to have a quality subject matter. However, that is a very relative term, and what actually matters the most is the ability to serve posts that are capable of satisfying the readers’ requirements. The most common approach of delivering high standard material is to create cornerstone content, also called the pillar posts.

They form the core of every website and consist of the best and most important articles on the site as well as the web resources that can be instrumental in achieving the highest rank in the search engines. Cornerstone articles are informative content that combines insights from different perspectives and covers every area of importance for the topics that are beneficial to the site. They are usually in-depth articles with relatively long structures.

They serve as the backbone for the website, and it is important to consult a professional Santa Rosa web design company to create them. These agencies have superior knowledge and understanding of the importance of such posts in serving the interests of the target audience and can help in achieving it. The benefits of creating cornerstone content are aplenty, and few of them are discussed below:

Helps To Stand Out

New content is being launched every day in addition to the millions of blogs already existing online and subpar materials can get lost in the crowd easily. In order to achieve success, the blog should be made to stand out on its own merit. High-quality cornerstone articles that involve a great deal of research can help to establish the reputation of the website. By creating detailed, exceptional articles with the help of a Santa Rosa web design company on the topics that are important for branding, it becomes easier to entice the readers and make the website stand out among its peers.

Creates Value for the Readers

Blogs providing content that is genuinely helpful for their readers are more likely to become successful and attract a lot of traffic. Although different types of visitors appreciate different genres and styles of writing, most pillar posts are highly informational and incredibly helpful for their viewers. A lot can be learned from such content as they are well researched, and they contain pertinent facts and figures. Web designing companies that have extensive experience in creating cornerstone posts have insight into these and can help in making the blog truly helpful to their readers. This can prove to be a big benefit in the long run.

Attracts Great Backlinks

Pillar posts are designed to attract powerful backlinks from well-known websites and blogs. By developing an article that is not only genuinely useful for the audience but also inimitable, it is easier to draw the attention of the bigger players in the market. Quality websites and blogs that are already ranking high in the search engines are more likely to link to such content, in effect increasing the footfall for the web resource that is being linked. Digital marketing companies usually have their own network of connections and can help tremendously in generating useful backlinks.

Cannot Be Easily Duplicated

One of the biggest challenges of content creation is that the entry barrier is very low, allowing anyone to start on it whenever they want. However, the cornerstone content being highly targeted and superior material, it provides a certain level of protection from competition.  Hiring an experienced Santa Rosa web design company can be highly beneficial as it can create invaluable posts that are hard to emulate. It becomes very difficult for others to match the standard of these articles. Though they can create content covering similar topics or targeting the same keywords, these still remain the signature stuff.


Though cornerstone content may involve a lot of time and endeavor in creating, the results can completely justify the efforts. These pillar posts are exactly what every website needs to get the exposure they crave for. For that, all they have to do is take some time out and brainstorm ideas with an experienced Santa Rosa web design company that can not only help in deciding the topics best suited for the blogs but also produce the cornerstone articles that can set them apart.